• studied yesterday, pwned the exam today. i must have the IQ of f***ing einstein.
    we had a "kangaroo maths competition" at skool and i just took part 4 teh lulz [almost everyone did] and i got a f***ing 2nd prize aww winning. IQ 3000 :)
    cool. ya got a gf yet? i don't. girls from our skool are either hawt and stupid or nice and not really hawt. (not hot enough for the DF lol.)
    oh lolz. just got a straight A for awesome in spanish. [1-6 here but it's equivalent to A-F]
    Soy el señor awesome con muchas chicas guapas y no es para tanto que soy mejor que tú.
    btw i gotta PM you something kind of crazy and creepy lol.
    on my photobucket ya got em in even higher quality :)
    btw just had a social studies test and except for 2 questions everything was easy [for me cuz i'm awesome].
    that teacher is best ever, so funny and shiz.
    hey mate, haxed around in the Portal and P2 steam data, got the EXTREMELY HI-RES icon files. fapped around in GIMP at my granny's [wasn't at home] and voilà! Liek? [look @ my profile]
    no i meant that oh mai f***ing god lol.
    got portalz yet? i could lose my co-op virginity to you! [if you're good enough]
    it's on TV every day 6:45 PM here, so i watch it and after that 7:15 Zeke and Luther.
    fork yes, best evenings ever.
    But my absolute fav show is Two and a Half Men. E-P-I-C.
    I think Phineas and Ferb is absolute genius either way, the inital story of an episode is always similar: Phineas and Ferb make something, Candace tries to bust em while trying to bang Jeremy and Perry the Platypus gets a new mission to keep Dr. Doofenshmirtz from using a new something-inator. I also love how Perry and Doofenshmirtz act like friends while being foes and he always explains Perry what he wants to do and why. He even got chicken for the platypus once! Then Phineas and Ferb have fun with the invention, Candace's mom comes home too late to see it and Perry saves the world from the destroyinator. Then after Candace is frustrated, her mom makes something sweet for the kids. :D

    Oh I forgot: Isabella tries to ask Phineas to meet up, she doesn't get to do it, Buford bullies Baljeet.
    no. not at all. i need pot seeds to grow pot plants but it's highly illegal here so i'll have to either get some online or let a friend of mine get some. i only grow and dry em then and give em to friends [for moniez] and don't use em cuz i still wanna stay w/o harm until i'm like 17 or 18.
    u liek the not sure if serious pic? i do :D

    EDIT: perry the platypus does not approve.



    btw i talked about pot with my skoolmates today, asked one of em whether it's legal to have a potplant at home and he said he could get me some seeds, might make a pot farm soon and sell pot to him and another peep from my class, i'll not try it myself until i'm 17 or 18 tho.
    Would be awesome getting money for planting a seed and making more plants and drying it tho.

    my rational mind appeals to you: do not smoke that **** because:
    1. it makes u drowsy and stupid
    3. if you smoke it, you'll probably have missed that there is no #2 because it doesn't exist.
    4. it costs freaking fortunes
    5. masturbating is better, you can do it whenever u want and it's free. get addicted to it. no problem.

    oh and...if u need some from my pot farm, don't ask me. cuz you're too awesome to smoke weed.
    Wtf i do not believe that a 14 yr old smokes weed, especially as you're a smart peep, not a pot head!!!!
    medium long. can't really tell because i spreaded the playtime over many days.
    bb codes are these:
    So no Portal 2 there? Fork. Knife. Spoon. Spork. Sporkife. Sporks are awesome btw.
    Oh and this summer we'll get free Portal 2 DLC. Wanna know the end of Portal 2? You get your companion cube. MASSIVE SPOILER!!!! lolzers.
    And: space.
    Just completed the game yesterday, epic. Maybe a bit sad but really epic.

    Btw ssssSSSSSssssss BOOM!

    [i can also spell bb codes :)]
    lol lol lol
    1. I love you for that. 2. I loved you anyways. 3. I love you even more for not misspelling "definitely" lol!
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