• (continued from last vm, read other one first)

    things to know about portal: 1. the companion cube is your best friend, love it forever. 2. the cake is (not) a lie. [it wasn't.] 3. GLaDOS was killed by Chell. 4. GLaDOS is NOT always evil. 5. GLaDOS is the computer made from Coraline's brain [coraline=wife of cave johnson, founder of aperture science.] 6. Aperture Science is a company for science innovations.

    if you have ANY chat client like msn/skype/icq/aol or so, tell me and i'll tell you the whole story of portal 1 so you'll enjoy portal 2 even more.

    EDIT: official portal website: http://thinkwithportals.com/
    portal 2. so definitely. it's great. buy it. awww yea. online co-op. psn down tho. pc version for free. if u buy ps3 version. portals. GLaDOS. Chell. win. you'll like. when psn is up we can co-op. i can lose my co-op virginity to you. freaking win. can't descibe the win. "Thank you for helping me help you help us all." ~GLaDOS. "If life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! GET MAD! BURN DOWN THEIR HOUSES!" ~Cave Johnson. oh yes that's what you'll get. and portals. propulsion gel. repulsion gel. conversion gel. you also have to use your brains. brains. yup, brains. yes i said it three times.

    like i said u get the pc copy for free which is redeemed on steam. steam lets you cross-platform co-op from ps3 to pc. as soon as u got steam, add me: LosDragonflyos
    (continued in next vm)
    would love to but i have to study for maths and above all it's not weekend so i wouldn't be able to play till late anyhow.
    weekend's a sure deal tho.
    yeah i have retro maps but there's a blood gracht problem that if u get XP there your XP earned will not apply. so before i knew it i played like 10k matches there and got sooo many points and they were all gone. ima play there again when the bug is fixed. "touch the online" tonight...with me!
    YAY! tomorrow i'll have time from 7-12PM your time. that's 8-1 my time.
    EDIT: in case u rank up quickly, we might have some clan matches then already. cuz if u get like 1 unlock point every rank you'll be able to make a good class within a few hours.
    hey mate! the legendary [DF.] Killzone clan is revived for KZ3! please join in case you're gonna buy KZ3, we're very active and just have loads of fun together!

    mass spam. lol.
    hehe, no it's not that desi parents can't say ice cream, just that they usually don't call "Vanilla Ice Cream" by its name, they just refer to it as "Vaneela".

    I speak Urdu and Punjabi.
    Cool, I sort of remember having a bunch of Pakistanis on this forum.

    Do your parents also call ice cream "Vaneela"?
    hey, 11.09, just turned 17 years old. 22.39 for 200 and 48.99 for 400, oh and 7.13 for 60m indoors :P

    i take it you sprint aswell? what about you?
    Coo, I see that you picked my sig:). Just remember this when you post it in the "rate the sig..." thread, your opinion is the one that counts not other peoples rating. If people start rating it 5,6,7/10 don't let them get to you:lol:. (I personally don't like my work being rated that is all:mrgreen:).

    Thanks for the sp!
    i'm #1 on the other track now, too. you're third on the roadster track among my friends now. i just drove quite awesomely. not without mistakes tho, i crashed a few times.
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