• i know, but those are the european ones. they have a deep, monotone sound. the real south african ones have the sound that, if it comes together, makes that bee's nest sound.
    gonna record the difference on my fone tomorrow or so :)
    who do you think is gonna win the cup?
    EDIT: in case i haven't mentioned, one sold for 15€, one for 9€.
    so much win. i got one for 1€ now. hehe.
    2nd EDIT: when i edited the other post i had the reason "fried chicken" and now i chose "freaking chicken legs and noodlez" loool!
    lol cool i'd be happy with uruguay too :)
    i got my 3 south african vuvuzelas a few hours ago and they rock somehow. they're about 2x as loud as the ones u get in normal european shops. gonna sell 2 for bit more than they cost so i'm not completely stupid buying 3.
    [got all 3 for 25€ and a friend of mine offered me 15€ when i didnt know what one costs yet and i said ye ok loool such a rip off!]
    EDIT: they also sound better than the european ones.
    ye well they didn't really earn all those blastaways so i think it's kinda been alright. really enjoyed new zealand almost defeating italy, that was awesome.
    now i'm just hoping that spain or germany are gonna get the cup, no netherlands!
    they just cheated their way past brazil. and the referee fell for it :lol:
    yep i think so :)
    gonna watch the movie first, if possible.
    when do you have vacation/summer holidays?
    just thought I would let you know. the iPhone is £200 on top of a £35 a month contract. not £200 PAYG
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