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    GC: GT5P thread of ownage and awesome!

    Kazunori Yamauchi presents GT5P is all its glory at GC. Some points to note so far: - Game will run @ 1080p, 60fps, replays only @ 30fps because they're throwing a lot more additional effects for replays - The map above the...
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    Why do you think X07 was cancelled? I know this was posted before but that thread got derailed and consequentially blew up from all the trolling happing in it. So this will be the V.2 of that thread. Now with less trolling! So why do you guys...
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    Unreal Tournament 3 Delayed until 2008 for 360

    Sony Just announced a multi-stage deal that not only optimizes the Unreal engine to playstation 3 but makes UT3 exclusive to ps3 for this "holiday season". Best case delayed till sometime in 08 Worst case 360 version canned.
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    Microsoft now receiving 2,500 broken 360s per day in UK alone!

    Wow thats alot! but somehow not surprising.
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    .:[Battle]:. Minimal Sanity vs. Supaman

    Another on for the records between the us two old timers! ;) Theme was Actress's/ModelsAnd that was the only restriction. here are the sigs. Supaman Minimal Sanity Good luck, you have my SS vote.
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    [Survey] On Addicition +rep and points given!

    Please Fill out the survey, its is for my Final project. I will give + rep and points to those who answer fully. Copy and Paste then just Leave the answer you chose and delete the other ones.
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    Halo 3 to add Birds!

    ZOMG!!! Halo is copying duck [email protected]
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    Supaman’s suggestions for a better forum!

    Supaman’s suggestions for a better forum! Ps3Forums has come along way from only a few members in 2004 to the massive forum now with more than 33 000 members. Along the way we lost the core principals that made this forum so great, and also picked up problems that go along with any large...
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    Shooting Marbles at 16,000 mph

    Hot diggity damn! Thats amazing, imagine going hunting with that thing!
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    [Battle] Svetlana vs Supaman!

    Ok, folks we are at it again this time we kickin it freestyle! Vote for your fav sig. Good luck! Svetlana's Sig Supaman's Sig Poll will run for 2 days GL!
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    Xbox 360 Premium takes Core place at 299 *Rumor*

    German site Xbox-Archiv, known to be quite reliable, stated that the Core pack will be canceled, the Premium will drop to 299 euro, the black HDMI-supporting 360 will be launched this May for 350~450 euro, and finally Halo 3 will hit stores right before Christmas 2007.
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    Official Forza vs GT debate!

    Post your arguments here and stop derailing the other Forza and gt threads with this comparisons!
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    PSU Reviews flOw! What do you guys think?
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    A mere suggestion for consideration!

    Make JordanL mod status as permanent! I am aware that he is not as active as he should be (which mod is?) But when he is online he is the most professional, unbiased and fair Moderator.
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    Classic Sig Battle: Supaman vs Minimal Sanity!

    Hey guys Its been a while since i had a sig battle... or even made a sig. So i guess this is my re-entry to the "game" Supaman223's Sig Minimal Sanity's Sig Minimal Sanity gets my SS vote, Good luck, Poll will run for 2 days