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    Move needs your help, now

    Was in my local gamestop, usual people returning 360 etc, but the guy was trying to stop people buying move by giving all this information about how Kinect is better,even though people wanted to buy move. They are trying to say how its more precise and all this. Plus the press has been against...
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    It can only be A level day...

    The day when the British media establishment shows the breadth and diversity of those successful at A level: blonde middle class photogenic girls...
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 perfect score from IGN, from Edge Unbelievable, especially from Edge who are traditionally strict.
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    Fighting games?

    Has anyone noticed that Fighting games this gen have been rather lacklustre? They are not bad (street fighter, blazblu, SC, tekken) but they have taken just little steps rather then leaps like other genres have this gen. I mean the strides that FPS, adventure games etc have taken this gen...
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    Street Fighter Spin Off Movie in the works Any one else heard of the street fighter spin off is being filmed "Legend of Chun Li", based around the Chinese femme fatale Chun Li. hence it will star Kristin Kreuk. April Fools!
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    Teacher and her class decide to name teddy "Mohamed", teacher pardoned Does anyone else think this is ridiculous? its just a name. Even if some people may have found it inappropriate due to their customs, shouldn't they have just told her off and lectured her on it? I don't understand why many...
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    Soul Calibur Legends looking good

    Has anyone seen this game in progress for Wii? I'm actually quite interested now and it looks pretty nice too
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    Firingsquad Previews 8 core(!) intel xeon.

    Thought some people might be interested. Look at how fast it is compared to even a high end CPU like the e6700!