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    someone used my email address to create a facebook account

    I have been checking some of my old email addresses, and I have found that someone has used one of them to create a facebook account. it says the account was created on the 25th Feb 2012, so I'm sure it wasn't me, as the last time I checked it was quite a while before that. I don't know...
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    how would this spec be for a general usage pc?

    my dad is on the market for a new pc for general usage. with a bit of help, I did a spec check from the same website I got mine from and this is what I got within his budget. Case STYLISH PIANO BLACK ENIGMA CASE + 2 FRONT USB Processor (CPU) AMD A8-3870K APU (3.0GHz, 4 Cores) & AMD...
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    PS3 stuck in a HDD restore loop

    when trying to play GT5 last night, my PS3 froze on the race loading screen leaving me with no option but to unplug it from that mains power supply. after retsarting it, I got a message telling me that "The hard disk's file system is corrupted and will be restored", so I let it proceed with...
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    weird email

    I just opened my inbox, and I got an email off someone, the subject was "Playstation Consumer Survey" and the sender was listed as "Mailbox Playstation Consumer Feedback" I opened it and then there was a popup saying that the sender had requested confirmation that I had read it, so I just...
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    can't redeem £20 PSN card

    ok, I bought a £20 card so I could download the MW2 pack, and when I scratched the cover off, the first character was smudged beyond the point where I could read it. so now I have a card that I can't redeem and to say I'm pissed off would be a bit of an understatement. any suggestions.
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    bogus microsoft phone call?

    here's the jist of of it. I was round my dads earlier dropping off a mothers day card for my mum, and while I was there, he answered a phone call. I was in the other room, so I didn't know who it was, or what it was about. my dad came in with the phone and said there was someone on the...
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    Official PS3 headset mic volume control

    I bought the official PS3 headset and successfully paired it, but after using it, I have found that it's picking up a lot of background noise. I went through the audio device settings to try to adjust the mic level, it is currently set to "3", but I can't raise or lower it as all the other...
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    Computer manufacturing websites

    I'm going to be looking at getting a new PC sometime around christmas, so I am looking for places to get one from. are there any reliable websites where I can custom build one to my satisfaction and they build it for me? a friend sent me the link to one but I don't know if they are...
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    invalid certificate when signing into PSN on PC

    I keep getting a pop up saying there was a problem with the security certificate when signing into PSN on my PC. has anyone else got this? I only get it after I sign in though
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    overheating cable casings on PS3 slim

    since having my slim PS3, I have noticed that the casings on the cables that plug into the back of the console get very hot. none more so than the HDMI cable, which has a metal casing on the end, that after a while, if I try to touch it, is too hot to keep my fingers on. I don't mean just...
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    question about downloading content from PSN.

    I've read in different places about people who have downloaded games and DLC from the store, who have said that it can be downloaded up to 5 times. I have downloaded a few items myself, and I have had to download them for the 3rd/4th times now. what happens after the 5th time? I've heard some...
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    Annoying firefox setting.

    when opening firefox, it always remembers what pages and tabs I have open from the last session, which for me is annoying because it slows its start up speeds. before the latest update, it always loaded a blank page, but now, if I close the browser page normally, or by ctrl/alt/del, it always...
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    credit card details cannot be changed

    when I'm purchasing from the playstation store, I either go by paypal top up card, or by 3V. I originally used my paypal card some months ago, and it worked fine, then I gave 3V a try. nbow I want to go back to my paypal card and use up the remaining funds on that. after updating my card...
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    dvd to MP4

    I have a sony S-series walkman and I want to stick a few of my dvd's on there. how would I go about converting them to a compatible format?
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    "an ethernet cable is not connected"

    I've had my PS3 for for about 15 months or so now and so far it has had bulletproof reliability. over the last few days though, I have been getting an increasing number of "an ethernet cable is not connected" messages. it has got to the point now where I can't get online at all now, no...