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    Legless, armless MMA fighter???;_ylt=AuwBsOOiQTZF6YbFBiWJRz4MNwU6?urn=mma,150596 so this is something that is off the wall.. this 23 year old guy has no arms no legs and is an accomplished wrestler in highschool. he now...
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    what happened to the Cell BE powered tv's?

    anyone know what ever happened to the cell powered tv's i think it was Toshiba that was going to do one and i think sony was going to also it was hyped as being the next best thing for tv's but i have not heard anything in a couple years was it all talk or is this still happening..
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    Demo's to many demos

    So here i am a video game "addict" since the age of like 7-8 now 26 working 10-12 hour days a wife and kid i enjoy 4x4ing playing guitar and drinking i get maybe 2 hours a week that i can devote to gaming yet i have like 10 demos i have never played downloaded on my ps3 .... so many games i...
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    Sony KDS-60A2020.. VS.. KDS-60A3000?

    So i was looking for a new tv seen the 60" 60A2020 in store looked great and ok price 2399$ (found a cheaper price at 2199$) but then i was looking on and this is one of the best rear projection tv's they have for canada (the XBR is supposed to be better but it is massive with those side...
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    PS3 supports digital camera movies

    When i first got the ps3 it would not recognize the videos from my sony digital camera but after 2.0 it now plays them all (avi file) i don't know if anyone else figured it out or this was posted but just so you know you can now watch movies from your camera on ps3.
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    my little baby rocking to shadows fall

    lol this is just a video of my baby rocking out to shadows fall she is only 8 and a half months old but i got this on my digital cam it was massive cute i had to share it.. my baby melody gonna be a drummer or something i don't know lol..
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    The danger of the perfect game?

    So with games pushing photo realistic imagery, High Def, new ways of interaction and the ability to tell a story more real and emotional to the player/viewer then any movie ever could.. i have one Question what will the effect of this be on our minds. i am no psychologist or have any real...
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    1080i out of luck with upscaled dvd's

    So i guess all the complaints of 1080i tv users still has gone unheard. it seems that dvd upscaling is only available to HDMI output and since probably all the old 480p 1080i tv's are component and not HDMI we are still stuck with 480p.. i am not sure about the games being upscaled if they...
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    The downside of a PS3 victory

    So i am sitting here having a couple Pilsner's reading about how Sony shipped 5.5M PS3's and are aiming for 11M year end.. then it came to me if sony does end up dominating this generation alike they did with PS1, PS2 what will this do for future consoles as in the COST! of gaming. PS3 is great...
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    PS3 anyway to make a playlist for music?

    I was wondering is there anyway to set up a playlist of the songs/Albums on the HDD i have several full cd's on the HDD but can only listen to one album at a time i would like to be able to set it to play random songs from random albums or setup a playlist of a few songs from each album. if...
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    Multi platform games online with multi platform systems

    this is a thread to discuss if you think multi platform games at least ones that are the same game no additional features added but lets say for the PS3, 360 and PC.. (sorry Wii fans) but i would like to start some sort of petition or following of fans of all systems to be able to compete online...
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    any Linux compatible wireless cards??

    Hey guys i am looking to buy a wireless internet card for my second PC but all the cards that i look at only are compatible with windows XP any known good cards for linux i have a D-link wireless router and would like to get a d-link card but they have no info on there web site anyone with linux...
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    DVD sound out of sync?

    Ok i asked this in the PS3 ask a question thread but after a couple days it wasn't answered and now i don't even know what page i posted it on to start looking for the answer if it was answered so... I have my PS3 hooked up with component cables to the TV and for audio i am using Optical cable...
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    Earache: Extreme Metal Racing. PS2, PSP, PC

    YES!! :twisted: this should be sweet.. Death and carnage in a racing game with death metal sound track. LOL this game was designed by a 15 year old girl.. should be a nice basic fun game even if it doesnt look awsome it still looks cool i will play...
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    Help anyone with a Sony Vaio rx500 series PC

    Hey guys i need some help if someone out there has a Sony Vaio PCV-RX500 series PC i need a copy of the #2 System Recovery CD version V45.1 if you have this and have some time to make a disc image let me know please. I have no idea were to get a copy Sony doesn't have them for Download and i...