I am a second generation gamer, ie the NES & pre NES days
I have gone from Atari to Nintendo, to Sega & Nintendo to PlayStation
But I gotten to the point when I just wanna buy 1 systems and put my money(the little I have to myself) into getting games I love and wanna play
My favorites are Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Hitman, God Of War, Gran Turismo, GTA
Uncharted, Max Payne, Devil May Cry, Tekken, Ridge Racer, Soul Calibur, Dead Or Alive, Zone Of the Enders, Star Ocean, Parasites Eve, Assassins Creed, Dead Space, Castlevania, Mirrors Edge, Wipeout
just to name a few, MGS is my #1
where it goes I go, as simple as that
outside gaming I work in retail, I'm a artist
and I have a little girl ;-)

Gaming, Art
Feb 3, 1982 (Age: 40)



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