• I was wondering what paradigms I should focus on for my characters? Currently I'm leveling Noel as COM and SYN, and Serah as RAV and MED
    Thanks for the words Black Wolf. I guess it is more my wife doesn't want a litter box or responsibility anymore, on top of the pain of losing one. That is ok, maybe one day down the road. I am NOT a police officer, but I was a Military Police Officer in the United States Army. I am no longer in the Army though. Just a veteran.
    Yup, i noticed :D thnx for that,my price would be under 250$ maybe a little more but only if it worth it.
    This is for Gimp:

    For the most basic of color maps, which add a shade of a color to your image, all you need to do is to create a new slide of the desired color and then change setting from 'Normal' to 'Overlay'.

    If you want a particular color in a particular area and another elsewhere, use the gradient tool and then, after you apply your desired gradients to a transparent image, change the slide type to Overlay.

    There, you have it. Pretty simple actually :)
    Got it :D Well I love Playstationand games like MGS, Resident evil, Tom Clancy games, Deus Ex etc. Massive games with a lot of substance to them, no one else I know plays these types of games so I have no one apart from 1 guy on another forum to talk to about them :(
    Hey, I just looked at your thread about being 21, and you said your birthday was October 16th.

    So Happy Belated Birthday! (sorry that I forgot)
    This is in reference to your Assassin creed 2 questions:
    'The Truth' video shows Adam and Eve running from something (the Gods perhaps) and yes I too have no idea what the ending meant;
    she said something about the usual end of the world right (I don't remember).

    Apparently brotherhood's ending is even more confusing, but I have played it yet.
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