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    Next Gen Partnerships

    Anyone else think its interesting that microsoft has announced their new partnership with E.A... And Sony has said that the developers were actively part of the PS4 design and they really want to help and push Indie game development? The xBox One's used-game policy absolutely stinks of E.A. I...
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    Iron man 3 - my "review" *major spoilers!*

    After months of anticipation I finally watched Iron Man 3 last night. After leaving the cinema I came away with the following thoughts and would like to know what other people have thought about the film. WARNING: I MENTION HUGE SPOILERS HERE SO DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN...
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    Glitches in games and thier ethics

    Introduction I have been playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out on my iOS device for the past 6 months. Anybody who has this game will know that it is a “freemium” game that is highly addictive and made by EA. Basically, you don’t pay for the game but use an in-game currency that you buy with real...
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    Blanket EU Warranty Question

    So I'm looking into getting the New iPhone 5 at some point over the month and just doing a little bit of browsing online I see that places are offering extended warranties for a bit more cash. If I upgrade my phone every two years, I'm not going to need anything longer than two years warranty...
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    Hawk thumb

    I recently discovered that have a serious medical condition. It's called "Hawk thumb" and in many ways is similar to "tennis elbow". It affects my life in every way, from my relationships to my work. I have been a sufferer for as long as I have been gaming. The symptoms include a tingly-burning...
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    Final Fantasy XIII-3 Wishlist

    Hello People! This is my first ever thread and its basically half a review/ half a wish list regarding the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. Apologies for the huge amount of text but I had a lot to get off my chest! Introduction I am basing my wish list mostly on my feelings about FFXIII and...
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    Why don't you want to buy Vita?

    All my handheld gaming is on my iPhone. And it's only angry birds or draw something... I just can't engage in a game like GTA etc (on a handheld at least). Pick up and play is the way I game when i'm away from the console. A Vita would be a waste of money for me.