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    What are some PS Vita games with a really good story?

    For those of you who recognizes me, hello! Long time no see ;). For everyone else: hello there! Anywho, I have the PSV in my Amazon checkout basket, but not sure what to get with it. Right now I have the following in the cart along with the Vita: Gravity Rush Zero Escape - Virtue's Last...
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    80023102 Error when trying to purchase PSN+!

    Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY?! :bang: Okay, I know it's the first day of release, and I'm sure everyone is hammering your server left, right and center... But c'mon, lets get real--I can't even fund my wallet to purchase your Flagship new subscription service? Ugh. Anyone else...
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    How to pack a PS3 for a plane?

    I'm sure SOMEONE here must've had to move with a PS3 packed for a plane, ya? I'm heading over to Waterloo, Ontario from Vancouver, BC to work for RIM (practically flying across the country, it's a 5 hour plane trip, IIRC). Yes, I got a RIM job (Hehehe, pun intended :lol:). But in all...
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    The ultimate revenge on anyone's Ex

    :snicker Watch
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    You've never seen a XBox 360 20GB eBay for this price IT'S OVER 3000?!?!?!?!
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    Uncharted 2 "Back to Back" The Tournament -- Competitor's Lounge

    Chat with your fellow competitors or would-be competitors, as well as find potential partners to enter the "Back to Back" tournament! Wondering what this thread is for? Read this! (To those wannabe-Mods, yes, I already obtained permission from the Admin to have TWO threads dedicated to the...
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    Uncharted 2 "Back to Back" The Tournament (with prizes up for grabs!)

    - - - Preface: Hey guys, as some of you know, I'm a big UC2 online fanatic :). I decided to put up a Uncharted 2 tourney for the forums :). As the thread title states, there will be a grand prize. It will be an Amazon (.ca or .com, NO, unfortunately; nor any other region, for that...
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    Under Siege -- The next "Play.Create.Share" :)

    Yes, I know this game has been posted before, but that thread was last posted in January 2009, and I wasn't about to necro-bump something that old and stale. So I open with a new update on their dev blog: It's good to see that these devs have a sense of humour :lol...
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    Anyone still play Company of Heroes (online)?

    Just wonderin'... I placed an order for the game (for 7.49, including tax... Can't go wrong). Just wondering if anyone still plays this game online (just the original, no expansions)?
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    60GB PS3 turns off WITHOUT red/yellow/purple/blue/rainbow coloured lights.

    As the topic states, it's NOT the YLOD (it WILL turn on after I unplug the power cable and reconnect it). I'm thinking that it might be the PSU failing? A PC-related analogy would be a high-end CPU and GPU being run on a shoddy PSU, in which case instability in the PSU's ability to supply...
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    From the dude who brought you 199.99 40GB PS3s... (Canada only, again, unfortunately)

    ... comes the Winter blockbuster: 229.99 80GB PS3's! Again, before someone named "Taz" jumps in and stirs stuff up, let me re-iterate what I said before in the previous thread: THESE ARE DISCONTINUED MODELS. STOCKS ARE LIMITED (DUH)! Make no mistake, by the time I've posted this thread...
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    ND, is this what you meant by "Cross Game Chat"?!?! (Epic Lulz inside!)

    Alright, today, I think I finally found some PROOF that, indeed, Cross Game Chat is in the works--not only that, but ND are pioneering this movement by secretly adding it to their latest game, Uncharted 2, in a beta form! Let me begin by describing what happened earlier to two friends and I...
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    Save $5 on GoW collections. Buy from

    Linky:®_3/productdetail.aspx?c=ca&l=en&cs=cadhs1&sku=A3245880 For those in Canada planning on getting it ;). Btw, shipping from Dell is free :). (Note to US members: I checked and they don't even have stock for this product...
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    Send THIS chainmail to everyone on your friend's list! (Seriously)

    Alright, I got fed up with the crap chain-mail BS that's going on, and yesterday in an Uncharted 2 game, I actually had someone ask "IS IT TRUE SONY IS GOING TO MAKE US PAY FOR THE PSN?!" ... *Sigh* :bang: So I decided to make this up and lets see if it catches on and spread: Anyone...
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    PSP Go got a price drop? It's selling for 229.95 in Canada...

    I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if it did, after all, 249.99 was pretty hefty for a product that does what the PSP-3000 does, just in a smaller size factor and with bluetooth support. Anyways, here's where I found it (I don't think it's a sale, but if it is, and someone in Canada is reading...