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    hi brother .. do you have any program that can speed up internet speed and downloads for pc ? can you help me .. my internet is 256 kilobite and its so low .. i get 30 kilobite at a seconds ... i live in iran .. and this one of the best speed in iran .. can you help me to speed up my internet ? thanks a lot
    lol... if it went any further though, I could see infractions flying LOL
    So, word on the floor is that you know a lot about Portal 2... And by that I mean you're the creator of the Portal 2 Hype Thread. So what's your take: Buy or rent Portal 2?
    Yo mate if you sent me a friend request, I'm not ignoring you, I just can't seem to log in to PSN atm.

    Happens every so often, it always works again later :D
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