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    Sun Newspaper takes Apple approach to Ad!

    i got this sent to me by a friend ... and thought it was brilliant ... very creative! YouTube- The UK's best handheld for 40yrs Source:
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    KZ2 Elite ... who beat it?

    i just did it last night ... and im soooo happy and relieved that its done! for me ... the hardest sections were the minetrain, and pretty much the whole last level ... i found killing radec relatively easily compared to everything building up to it! really amazing game graphically ... and i...
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    Singstar Downloaded Songs

    Hi All, My missus had chosen to download a few songs from the singstore ... however ... in the shopping cart they say downloaded ... but when you browse the music on the HDD ... they aren't there :confused: She has downloaded many before ... but this has never happened so far. If i select the...
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    AVI Files on PS3

    hey folks ... i have a bunch of avi files that i would like to watch on my ps3 ... after some research i have some conflicting views ... can or can't i just simply put them on a usb and copy to the hdd? any feedback or guidance would be appreciated ... thanks!
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    COD 5 Trophies

    Hi All, I have successfully completed the game, and have done my best throughout to get as many trophies where possible. I am 78% complete and have the following left: Rough Enemy - kill 3 enemies with a single round Ruthless - kill 15 enemies while mounted on a tank in "ring of steel" Sum of...
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    Call of Duty 5 Trophies

    so last night i was playing COD5 ... and i was wondering how and why i hadn't achieved that many trophies?! so i took a look at the trophies only to see that most of them are awarded for completing levels on veteran difficulty ... and i'm just plain old regular. i have just completed "burn 'em...