• Your not one of those crazy people with alot of hair that looks like your got hit by lighting are you? :snicker i kid, i kid.
    Why do you think it relates with 9 11 though :snicker
    I have put alot of thought into it and we have found animals that was supposed to be dead millions of years ago. I was thinking what if the lochness monster was a animal we just haven't found.. It would crazy if someone actually got a clear shot that has no doubt to it. Your topic is aliens, isn't it?
    Yeah, don't try to dress up your personality because you don't fit someone's else expectations. Alot will like and alot will hate you but atleast your real, right?
    Also, i wanted to get your take on the lochness monster. Do you believe in it or do you think people made it up or people just was being over dramatic. As you know people has tried to fake it so many times. Fake pictures and other things along that line
    I should but i always try to get along with everybody and just cause he's a d**k doesn't mean i'm gonna block him. I don't even use the report button because i care about people and if they we're to get banned because i reported them then i would feel so bad because i'm taking away from people. That's what they like to do and who am i to ruin what they like to do. I just ignore them. :) This is really a MAD world even in Virtual reality this sh!t kinda shit happens and what a shame it is. :(
    That's what i thought. I was like why is jaegar hating on tut? He doesn't like me because i'm a spammer, i post in threads in the wrong topic, and apparently because i don't act my age. :snicker It doesn't bother me much but it does get annoying when you show respect to people like that and they NEVER show you any back. Like i said, tut, i've never seen you say anything out of line to anyone but they seem to take offense to it. Also, that quote is very true you said at the end. That's why i love this quote right here. "When you find yourself on the side of the majority then it times to pause and reflect" I like it because the majority is usually wrong. :)
    Yeah, i personally always want to hear what you have to say and especially your perspective on things and what you think happen and how. I'm glad people here like me but i can't be everyone's friend i suppose. I'm going to say what i have to say regardless of what the mods think.
    My thoughts exactly, man, and i quote my self "I know you want to ban me. You been itching to ban someone anyways since tut probably pissed you off. So make a example outta me" When i read that comment he said to you i thought it was wrong.
    Well, i'm not a veteran like you so my ban wouldn't been as ban but do me and yourself a favor and don't get banned and don't ask for the ban either :Snicker
    I thought i was going to get banned after you left though. We both almost got the ban hammer yesterday. :snicker
    I'm glad you are. Otherwise, this forum wouldn't be the same or atleast imo but i thought you we're gonna get banned.
    Yeah get round to it if you like that kind of story. Starts off a bit slow but it has lots to explain so I guess that's why, but it is brilliant.
    yeah i heard that but wikipedia says that it wasn't the hardcore stuff, maybe just less hallucinogens.
    hey bro your avatar is cool. I was just talking to some bros about coke and coca cola today.
    i said i was gonna get some coke and i said "not the sniff coke but the liquid coke"
    and later "...which is sniff coke dissolved in water" lulz!
    mate, how do you change the title of the man united thread. im having issues changing my thread titles.
    Do Embedded videos work for you? I am using a Mac so I have 64-bit Safari and 64-bit Firefox and the new video tag plug-in doesn't work with 64 bit.
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