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    So FFXIII-2 Amazon pre-order bonus for Canadians...

    Did anyone else pre-order the game, collectors edition or not (I went with the collector's edition) from and was under the impression you also got the Omega battle DLC to find out that wasn't participating? Well I did, and the day I got the game I emailed customer...
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    New 3G bundle. $299, 8GB, free PSN game, 30 days fee Data.

    It doesn't matter. There's still a competing system that's going for $170. It's a direct comparison in the eyes of the common consumer. I get that there's more value, but as I said that doesn't do anything to help the entry level price. There's no need to try and justify the *value* to me. A...
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    New 3G bundle. $299, 8GB, free PSN game, 30 days fee Data.

    This isn't helping the entry level price, which is the main issue with Vita currently.
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    $20 to go from FFXIII-2 Standard to Collectors?

    SO! 20-page concept art book, 4-disc original soundtrack, and game disc, all contained in a premium hardcover digipak case with illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano. It's an extra $20 to get all this. I'm wondering if anyone feels it's worth it or not. Not interested in talking about the game.
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    So a friend entered a contest to win an iphone... is he doing it right?
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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    Just about all devices like this have scratch resistance on the screen. That doesn't mean a company, first or third party, will sell you a screen protector. The main logic is IF something bad happens you can replace the screen protector for a small fraction of the cost, where is IF something...
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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    I wouldn't call that must have, but more of an fyi.
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    13 must have acessories for VITA

    Why do I need to be a separate AC adapter? Also; if the USB is proprietary on Vita's side, why does it come separate?
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    PSV Battery Life: 3-5 Hours

    Is somewhat disappointing that this is worse than the newest PSP's estimate for gaming battery life. It's more than enough time for portable gaming though.
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    Vita remote play killzone 3

    Want to see it working within the hands of the consumer before I'd ever consider this a reason to purchase. The PSP was supposed to have remote play. It did, but it was so poorly executed to the point where thousands could not get it to work properly.
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    Tales series heading to Vita.

    Unfortunately I can't read japanese.
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    Tales series heading to Vita.

    Means nothing to me without some hint towards localization. Imported ToE as it was only released in the EU/AUS and Japan.
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    Question on Deus Ex Game save protection

    Are the game saves bound to your PSN account, or your PS3's user profile? I want to play the game downstairs and want to know if I can just copy it and login to my PSN account instead of having to bring my PS3 downstairs.
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    Someone felt it wise to drive a car loaded with explosives into a UN building. Edit: also I find it ridiculous how copying the article creates one massive underlined and coloured link, which inadvertently undermines the forum policy on text formatting. It sure is fun editing that out.
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    EA: We Will Publish A Few Titles & 'See How It Develops'

    This is the internal approach that any 3rd party publisher takes to a new platform, EA seems to be able to say it publicly though.