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    Battlefield 3 Beta

    Been playing this over the past 2 nights and while it seems pretty good it shows exactly why FPS need to be 60fps on nxt-gen. Also how empty is conquest lol...Surly that map should of been smaller on current gen...Lucky to see the enemy once in every 5 mins. Domination seems faster than...
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    GTA 5 Face Off - The One The World Has Been Waiting For!
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    Vita: OLED vs LCD Screenshot comparisons

    I'd be using your warranty rather than buying an LCD version.
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    Microsoft secures domain

    Haha major props to MS for this! :lol:
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    Platform Games/ Mario

    Why on earth can no one make a better game then Mario? Super Mario World is still King after all these years. My 5 year old just got Super Mario Bros for the DS and it is amazing...Gameplay is just so perfect. Why on earth do devs find it so hard to make really good platform games these days...
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    Call Of Jaurez Gunslinger for Free?

    Just downloaded it from the UK PSN for it supposed to be free? If not get on it as quick as...Supposedly NBA2k13 was free earlier today which i missed so maybe Sony is having some gremlins.
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    Eurogamer - Sports Champions Review

    Another 7
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    The Saboteur?

    Anyone played this? Picked it up today for penny's but not sure i want to spend hours playing it so thinking of just sticking it on ebay, any good or not?
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    Gran Turismo 5 PS3 Themes?

    Anyone know of any good one's? I have hunted and only came across very average one's or good GT5p one's which im not really wanting now.....Anyone know of any good GT5 themes? :help
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    OPM Top 5 Games of Gamescom Good job Fifa is on that list :D, bit gutting PES aint there as well but what can you do! :(
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    F1 - Rain At Monza Beautiful! This game cant come soon enough! :D
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    Castlevania Xbox 360 Footage from Gamescom This could very well be 2010's sleeper hit! Looks amazing....very much GOW looking...hopefully it plays as well.
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    Crysis 2 Multiplayer on 360

    Just incredible...