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    Reality distortion field remains strong with Steve Jobs after antennagate It doesn't make sense from what she is saying but just watch the hilarity nevertheless.
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    Tall woman vs short man Amazonian women with a troll?
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    Seth Rogen Gets Tough in 'The Green Hornet'

    Video in Link This is reminiscent of the Starksy and Hutch remake that came out years ago while it was funny it really wasn't want people remembered from the show.
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    5 Most Impractical Aspects of Superhero Costumes I don't know if I should finally register as a real life superhero after reading this. But then again where's the fun in not trying to look like a tool.
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    5 Things You Can Tell From His Flirting Pick up artists do their best to know all of these.
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    Best Ladies of Anime Central 2010 They have to step it up a notch when the likes of Anime Expo and ComicCon have some of the best annual cosplayers around just to name a few.
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    Critics: 'Airbender' & 'Prince' were 'whitewashed' IDW about you but this is just sad.
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    Disney Ladies in Sexy Comic style Really like the style J. Scott Campbell uses and all that lost
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    This Schoolgirl Is Good At Drumming YouTube- 〠K-ON! 】 ã‘ã„ãŠã‚“! GO! GO! MANIAC (Full) å©ã„ã¦ã¿ãŸã€€Drum cover This girl has skill for her age, god forbid more so then these fake drummers who think Rockband makes them get professional credentials.
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    Claire and Ann Reicht Tallest twin sisters in the world

    YouTube- Claire and Ann Reicht Tallest twin sisters in the world This is just surreal to think these Amazonian's even exist. Oh and yeah I do watch Tyra from time to time.:lol:
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    Doctor's Companion - Amy Pond: Sig and Avy

    Not sure if the point system is in take since I can't access the bank. Any who, I guess I am taking back my previous statement earlier and want a new look. Will rep and give points (if the bank has not loss its plot already). Impress me with whatever combination you guys can come at me...
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    Neytiri 'Avatar Make-upTutorial

    YouTube- Neytiri 'Avatar Make-upTutorial ..!!! Better this then some monstrosity I've seen on youtube. ^_^
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    Nice Guys, Stressed Ladies And The Things Video Games Let Them Do I loved reading this but damn does it not give me the shivers thinking of what games can do to those of us who have turmoil within ourselves and in our own eye's.
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    Real-Life Hit Girl on NASCAR racetrack. While she not really killing anyone, this girl will be one of the first to break it big in the racing circuit.
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    Ten Reasons Why You Should Date a Female Gamer (Response Thread to illbashu) Basically where this discussion stemmed from. Its not all glamorized as it would seem at first though.