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    Nvidia 970 not as advertised?

    Anyone else seen this? From what I've been reading, GTX 970s have 3.5 GB of VRAM separated from 0.5 GB of VRAM, with the latter being accessed at a much reduced rate, resulting in performance hits in games that...
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    Humble Bundle Warner Bros Well worth it if only just for the Batman games.
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    Steam Summer Sale

    It should be starting soon. :icon_thumright:
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    The beard

    Previously seen as the epitome of masculinity and wisdom, it is now often frowned upon in certain jobs and regulated through facial hair policies. In an age where many men wax their chests, moisturise, and visit tanning shops, is the lack of beards just another symptom of the emasculation of...
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    Muslim preacher urges followers to take UK benefits

    Source: Sigh.. With any luck his number of followers are limited to the '30-strong crowd'.
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    The Blitz

    Source: Map: And yet London survived. Amazing.
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    Star Trek Into Darkness - Trailer

    Trailer released today.
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    DirectX 11.1 restricted to Windows 8?

    Source: If this is the way Windows is heading for the future, then it's another argument for game developers to start properly supporting Linux.
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    The Elder Scrolls Online - new video

    I was sceptical about an Elder Scrolls MMO, but it's looking pretty good in this video.
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    Steam - Sega sale (Alpha Protocol - £1.50 / AvP - £3.74)

    Available until 27th September. I know AP and AvP didn't get glowing reviews, but at that price they might be worth it. There are some collections available too.
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    Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Concert - UK!

    At last, it's coming to the UK next year, at the Royal Albert Hall in London. :D
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    Castlevania Lords of Shadow error - back up your save file!

    I've just played it for about 3 hours, and my save file just got wiped. After trying to load my game it said: 'save file corrupt, will now overwrite, press X to continue'. I pressed X (automatically expecting it to load the game) and my data was wiped. I did a google search, and this has...
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    TGS Sony Live Stream. Keynote Discussion Here!

    Source: Stream: The time zone is a bit of a pain for us in the UK!
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    Dragon Age Ultimate Edition detailed

    Source: Looks like Awakening is included afterall, good news.
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    Taranis - UK unmanned stealth jet unveiled

    I know it's the Daily Mail, but they have better pictures than the BBC: Looks impressive, I wonder if it will still look like that when it's manufactured.