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    Does the Vita have L3 and R3?

    I did some looking and from what I have found the only thing this bad boy lacks is L2 and R2 which can easily be overcome by the touchpads.
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    Does the Vita have L3 and R3?

    Around 20 seconds into the video you can see L3+R
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    I'll only buy Vita if.....

    Um.. transfarring?
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    NOW whos getting one on day one?

    Depends on when the games that I want are released. I will get the 3G model though.
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    PS Vita Specs (at least the first ones)

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    Vita's Library

    Metal Gear Solid --This alone is enough to make me go out and buy one. (Peace Walker is the reason that I bought a PSP) Uncharted: Golden Abyss Littlebigplanet Killzone Rumored: Final Fantasy 7 (remastered) --They would sell 54832957839494 NGPs if this were to become true. :snicker That would...
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    Sony NGP to be more 'affordable' and less 'investment heavy'

    How affordable are we talking? Like..$50? :snicker I will pay $250, no more...
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    Playstation Portable 2 - Will you buy one?

    I just got around to getting the first PSP last year, not even a year ago. I will get one, eventually.
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    Another Resident Evil????! D: This is ****ing ridiculous
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    ANOTHER Silent Hill..?

    Return to Silent Hill in 'Silent Hill 8' As reported on Kotaku, Silent Hill 8 will cast players in the role of Murphy Pendleton, an escaped prisoner who winds up in Silent Hill. Yeesh, poor sap was better off in the clink. There will be an emphasis on using everyday objects as weapons, and...
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    Not really sure where to put this but..

    Kept getting this message and being redirected while attempting to go into a thread yesterday - READ IT Que?
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    Any of you guys ever get an email like this? LMFAO:lol::lol:
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    Metal Gear Awesome

    I uncovered this by accident, haven't seen it in years. It's awesome. Don't know if this was ever posted.
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    Tuper Tario Tros.

    Super Mario Bros./Tetris in one. Pretty rad.