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    [Official] New Forums -- Feedback Thread

    When I finally get my time back from real life work (been working 60 hour weeks for over a month now) then I'll be adding plugins to fight the spam bots, adding in social media logins such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Steam. Then there's plenty of other niceties to come along too. A few...
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    Once the plugin is updated for Xenforo 2 I will install it.
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    PSU Unchained live shows

    For the last couple of Unchained podcasts we have aired them live initially on Twitch and then on YouTube. After being told that the video feed was buffering less on YouTube I have decided to stream the podcast on YouTube from now on. During the podcast you will obviously hear our voices...
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    The AbleGamers Charity stream today!

    In case some of you don't know, there is an event from us at PSU starting in just over 5 hours time. For those that haven't seen the announcement yet then this is it:
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    Turning a dead PS3 into a media centre

    Lately I've been clearing out all of the rubbish that I own and I came across my old PS3 that died back in 2009. As I now own two Raspberry Pi's, I thought that an idea would be to gut out the entire PS3 and put in a Raspberry Pi Model B+ and possibly use the PSU, Caddy, and the Blu-ray player...
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    Someone tried to scam me, with mega successless!

    "hello, this is, err, B...T... on the phone. We have seen that... some bad data has been downloaded on your line, I think it was Malware and Spyware. Can you go to your computer and turn it on please so I can run some checks?" With an American accent (fake British accent by a long shot) and...
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    Playstation Tv 2

    Even at $35 it's a steal. For something that plays back Vita games, it's absurd that it's that price.
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    Playstation Tv 2

    Ok maybe not 720p, I'm thinking of the PS3 now. :p Just try out the PS3 on it instead. ;)
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    Playstation Tv 2

    A lot of PS4 games are 720p so you can already see what the picture will look like if you move your PS4 to that TV to check it out. ;)
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    Muramasa Rebirth Complete Collection on PSTV

    I haven't got the collection but I do have Muramasa Rebirth and the game runs fine on my PS TV.
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    BBC Three to livestream League of Legends World Championships

    So who's looking forward to next week's live championship stream of LoL on the Beebs? Source - Eurogamer
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    [Review] Thrustmaster T300RS and T3PA Pro Pedals

    After a good 8 days of testing, I finally got around to completing the review of the set I want to hold onto dear life with but unfortunately that's not going to happen. Either way here's the review for all of you guys to check out if you're interested in getting a steering wheel for the PS4. As...
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    Murasaki Baby is pretty damn good!

    When was this on PS+? I've been wanting to play this game for ages.
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    Got a new job!

    While this isn't anything new and everyone gets jobs all the time, I just want to say that I have just landed a job with a Games Company that I can't mention yet. But all I can say is that I'm totally ecstatic and I've finally got the dream I've been yearning for my whole life - a stable job in...
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    GOG Galaxy for all!

    It was going to come sooner or later and this morning they finally released a patch for the Alpha Galaxy participants (like myself) and upgraded our featureless Galaxy client to the latest Beta Galaxy client and they have now added in a friends list and chat. As Galaxy already features game time...