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    Best games that you can play without sound (muted)?

    I really love playing videogames while listening to talk radio (i.e. NPR) but so many have dialogue or important sound based cues and functions to the games. So from your experience what are some good games or game genres that easily be played on mute? (the skate games, saints row disregarding...
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    Attn: PSU - Name My Cat!!!

    Picked up this little guy yesterday. Lookin for some advice on names
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    Florida Teen Kills Parents, then Throws House Party!!!
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    Space Phones (droid, iphone, etc.) Are They Worth It???

    Apparently Verizon is discontinuing their unlimited data plans on space phones. I've been contemplating getting a new space phone (eligible upgrade) for a while. Now with only a couple weeks left to lock-in to the unlimited data deal, It seems as if it would be the time to get one. So are...
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    Adorable and Adoptable Puppies make E3 Predictions

    Adorable (and adoptable!) Puppies Make Our E3 Predictions - Destructoid Spoiler: Dogs and Cats tied on SONY support Click Spoiler for Full article (if too laz-E)
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    Any Reason NOT to buy LittleBigPlanet 2 USED?

    Thinking bout buying a less expensive version (used). I already have LBP(1) is there any reason that I should be buying it new? All my DLC will work, No Codes or anything?
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    Best Movie Trailer I Have Ever Seen
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    PS3 XMB Folder Error

    I've been having this recurring error quite frequently. I'll go to open up my Flashdrive under "Videos" on the XMB (Triangle + Display All) and nothing will appear. I used to think it was an error with my flashdrive but it isn't. When I try to open the demo's Folder (stored and created under...
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    PlaystationPLUS free 3 months with year subscription. (US ONLY?

    How long are they going to have the 3 month sign on bonus going on... I've been on the fence for a while but. I assume 15 PSN games (on subscription) may not be a bad thing at all, especially for trophy *****'s. So I may end up buying this as a birthday (aug 27) gift to myself. But I don't...
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    Help me buy a PC. I've been using Apple for far too long.

    So I'm running on borrowed time on my Macbook (2006). I'm moving away to Grad School in a couple of months and will need a new computer. As much as I love my Macbook, creating 50 medical papers on Microsoft Word 2003 for Mac with 1 GB of RAM is horrible. I'm thinking of getting a PC, they seem...
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    Crazy dude catches laptop with his butt.

    Self explanatory.
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    Video Game Condoms: For Gamers with Game.

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    I signed up for the Amy.

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    e-book readers / devices?

    As a graduation gift to myself, I'm plan on purchasing an e-book reader. The main considerations are price and PDF-support. The only products I'm currently aware of are the Kindle and iPad. I did hear stuff about a nook and something Sony reader(?). As a stereotypical college kid entering...