• Thank you so much again :) I'm not sure what I can do for you in return but if there's anything you can think of just ask :) Do you Pc game?
    Yeah, that's the same way i feel. I love the scenery in Battlefield. The maps are so awesome. Let's play some MW2, fool.
    yeah,i like it to.They have two different play styles but they both are good games. Battlefield 3 is going to have a big team death match.
    Congrats, you get to host the SOTWs for a while :D

    Go on ahead and post the ''theme & entry'' thread for SOTW #146!
    I loooooooooveeee it!!!! Looooove it I tell you. That is so amazing, I'm all emotional now! Thank you so much. I'll be wearing her proud for a long time. I'll credit you on the sig ofc. You have some talent there Sir. Thanks again
    Bloody lost it haven't I. Used to be on my flickr so not sure where it went. I think it would be cool to have that with the words "There is a house in New Orleans, they call the Superdome" And a saints logo somewhere on there, maybe the picture is kinda fuzzy towards the edges so it can be brown/gold colour like their uniform. maybe on the picture I've linked like the sky can be brown/gold or something. Also, if you managed to get the second link in there too some how you would be a genius. I'm not artistic at all so I'm always happy with what I receive.
    If it's too hard to get them both in let me know :) Obviously being a sub I can have the bigger sig size too :)
    I'm with you on the crowd thing but I make rare exceptions. I wouldn't worrry about hte 49'ers getting to the playoffs let alone the SB anytime soon :snicker.
    This might be a bit cheeky but if I got you a pic could you do me the honour of making my new season NFL sig? Nothing fancy, I basically like my pic with some swirly black and gold stuff in the background, I got an example of one a year or so back but I chose the worst picture ever :(
    I really want to go to a Superbowl but I'll have to save up a bit for that! Actually this year is the first I'm not going since 3 years ago! I've already seen Tampa v New England anyway so not too fussed. Like I said, next stop is to catch a game state side. NFL has increased in popularity massively in the UK I think, games are always a sell out. I got a few jerseys, Ravens white one with R.Lewis and a black Tampa one with Cadillac 'Williams' :)
    I can't believe you live so close and haven't been, you best get your ass over to a game before I do! That would be shameful. Yeah blondes I got a soft spot for definitely ;)
    Yeah it was pretty amazing tbh. We didn't get anything like that on the last two games, only cheer leaders. The Tampa ones had more blondes so I was literally fapping about it, plus I love the Tampa logo/uniform :)
    I'm a big NFL fan, I used to love the NFL thread but a certain Canadian member ruined it and drove most the poeple away :( This year I get to see Tampa v Chicago so that's cool.
    I really wan't to get over to the Raymond James stadium sometime to catch a game, would be awesome.
    Before the game there was an NFL show thing in Trafalgar Square. They had cheerleaders on and stuff, and then Jerry Rice came before Mike Singletary to talk about stuff and all the crowd were chanting "one more game!, one more game!". He got all emotional about it. Then Isaac Sopoaga did the Haka, it was awesome. Was amazing to be so close to such a legend tbh. Tampa Bay cheerleaders were better though, saw them in 2009.
    Hey! I could do with someone to go against - I'm pretty rusty!

    I'll keep an eye out for your request :D
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