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    Portrait battle? I wanna fight some one 1 vs 1 *portrait only*

    Theme: Pick a song and interpret it, photoshop what you visualize when you listen to the song Rules: Max portrait size: 600 x 600 Prize: A hand shake? I dunno lol Punishment: I'm still working on a sig
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    SOTW #150 Patterns for the win!

    OP: spyrde: x6Teen: joeold: Vengeful_Blur: podsaurus: falconsfan07: FonFahbre: Gregorious: Pretty interesting interpretation of patters. Good luck, guyz with a 'z'. =) (I feel like I'm forgetting something....)
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    SOTM - August

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to vote. =) SOTW #145 - Emotions Winner: Vengeful_Blur SOTW #146 - Our unique view of art Winner: FonFahbre SOTW #147 - Future Technology Winner: Vengeful_Blur SOTW #148 - SOTW Banners Winner: kwesnoth SOTW #149 - Freestyle Winner: kwesnoth I...
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    SOTW #150 Theme & Entry

    Check out our new banner, looks slick, huh? Theme: Ok, we're doing Pattern. This theme was requested by joeold a while back. I know you guys can create awesome work so make it happen. =) pat·tern/ˈpatərn/ Noun: A repeated decorative design. Verb: Decorate with a recurring design. (I know...
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    SOTW #149 Freestyle!

    OP: kwesnoth: SnowHawk: Xy: btbam: falconsfan07: FonFahbre: Gregorious: joeold: Vengeful_Blur: x6Teen: Holy hell! so many entries each with a unique style and interpretation of effects. May the best man..or woman? win! (Btw I think it's Fon's turn to run the sotw but I'll...
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    SOTW #149 Theme & Entry

    Heavens yeah! We love the SOTW, right? Well it's that time of week again. Theme: Freestyle Rules: No ripping Vertical sigs are allowed Max size: 500 x 200 Prize: 2,000 sp and possible rape Deadline: September 2nd (This Friday) Pretty wide theme so I'm hoping to see loads and loads of...
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    SOTW #148 - SOTW Banners, man!

    OP: falconsfan07: kwesnoth: Vengeful_Blur: podsaurus: FonFahbre*: *you wanted this one, right? You guys make awesome work! I'm contemplating killing each and every one of you. Good lucky!!!! Let's do this.
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    SOTW #148 Theme and Entry

    Time for another life changing experience....the SOTW! Theme: SOTW Banner Rules: No ripping No vertical sigs....only horizontal. Maximum size: 500 x 200 Post banner in thread Deadline: This Friday, 26th of August Don't forget to suggest a theme for next week, please and thank you.
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    SOTW # 147 - Future Technology!

    I gave you guys plenty of time, options and more patience but the show must go on. Since no one entered a signature where gonna do things alittle different for this sotw. Simply vote for my sig if you like it, if you feel like it's not worthy of your vote...then vote 'not worthy'. Simple as...
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    SOTW #147 Theme & Entry

    SOTW # 147 Theme & Entry Another week gone by, another sotw underway! Theme: Future Technology Rules: No ripping Vertical and diagonal sigs are allowed..I really don't give a chainsaw, just enter something. :mrgreen: Maximum size: 500 x 200 Post sigs in thread Prize: 2,000 sp, possible...
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    SOTW #146 - Our unique view of art!

    OP: spyrde: FonFahbre: Podsaurus: Vengeful_Blur: Superb signatures, guys! We appreciate the votes too. =) It's go time
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    SOTW #146 & Entry!

    SOTW # 146 & Entry Alright, time for another sexy signature competition! Theme: One's own unique take on a piece of real life art. Rules: -Ripping = Death -Vertical and collab sigs are allowed -Size restrictions: max --> 500 x 200 -Post sigs in thread Prize: 2,000 sp along with possible...
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    Alright..who fired me from the DS?

    Why? I have a family to feed god damn it!
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    Vengeful_Blur vs. spyrde signature battle!

    Theme: Freestyle No rules Prize: Punishment: Wear this lovely combo for a month Vengeful_Blur: spyrde: Good luck, spyrde!
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    Anybody want to battle me? 1v1 *Punishment included* D:<

    Anyone????? Theme: Freestyle Prize: Punishment: Wear this sig and avy for a month...week? x6, you know you want to wear this:snicker