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    Comments remind me of what I thought of their first game Remember Me. Interesting concept, reasonable story, decent enough graphics, combat is a bit weak, and there's not much need to replay. I don't regret finishing Remember Me, but I might end up regretting buying Vampyr and not having Gamefly...
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    Anyone Else having trouble with Co-op for Far Cry 4?

    I've finished almost everything in the game. I got the Renaissance Man trophy tonight after playing all three Battles of Kyrat modes. I thought I'd jump online to try get the two Co-op trophies, but gave up after a dozen attempts to connect failed. And it isn't like it fails instantly, no it...
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    Has Anyone played Contrast yet?

    I finished Contrast yesterday, though I haven't cleaned up on the trophies yet. Some are annoying, like making a dodgy jump first try near the film cinema. I did like some of the shout outs to other science fiction properties. I found the TARDIS tucked away behind a wall near the cinema. In the...
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    IGN reports Xbox one head set adapter won't ship till 2014

    According to IGN anyone wanting to use their existing Xbox controller compatible headsets will have to wait till 2014 to use then, since the adapter won't be released till then Source:
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    Extended The Dark Sorcerer Video

    I stumbled across this, an extended version of Quantic Dreams's video from the Sony Conference.
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    Lorne Lanning and Stewart Gilray talk to PSNation about Indie Development on PS4 I thought this was an interest interview, didn't see anywhere it fit, made a thread. Enjoy, it runs about an hour, it's audio only.
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    E3 PS4 Showcase on PSN Store

    Anyone been on the PSN Store this week? They have an E3 section, with some games on sale, but they also have a PS4 showcase section with 5 trailers for unreleased games, some we know about, one I didn't recognize, apparently all heading to the PS4. The current trailers are Transistor, Planetside...
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    Microsoft Apologies for Comments during E3 KI Demo

    I didn't even catch this at the time, but it does say something about how Microsoft is being seen by the mainstream media.
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    God of War: Ascension Update Issues and Last of Us Demo

    Anyone having issues with the latest patch for GoW: Ascension? It's like 624mb and it won't install, it always pulls an error code - 80029563. There's even a version of it on my drive that the automatic updater download and it won't install either. This means I can't play the game at all, to see...
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    Media Molecule's Presentation

    I was of two minds about what they presented. 1) Was it real or just a choreographed target render type video? If it was a render it was kinda lame, unless they can really make it real... 2) If it was real how did they handle things like animation, how did they rig those figures for example...
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    Journey Beta Issues and Impressions

    So is anyone else in the closed Journey Beta? If so have you been able to apply the 2.0 update without crashing your PS3? I'd love to post my impressions about this game, especially as I enjoyed both Flow and Flower, but I can't and I can't seem to find any official place to comment to Sony...
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    Tomb Raider: Underworld vs Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    Since this comparison keeps coming up and I can't seem to find a thread for it, or a thread for reviews of TRU I figured I'd just go ahead and make one. If I'm wrong the mods can just delete this or close it. Uncharted as everyone knows was Naughty Dog's first PS3 title, and to date is still...
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    Any North American Clans?

    Every clan that is recruiting here seems to be European, and after 6 months of never seeing a member of my last clan online let alone in Warhawk I was relieved to be removed. But it'd be nice to have a clan that is actually on at reasonable times to kick butt with. I'm looking for a clan...
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    Problem Discs

    I've found a second blu-ray disc my PS3 doesn't seem to play properly. I was wondering if anyone else has stumbled across discs that don't work quite right on PS3? I've tried both discs on two PS3's with latest firmware. 1) Appleseed: Ex Machina - disc immediately plays movie, which is...