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    How do I get my PC headset to work on the PS3?

    I know there's a lot of tutorials but most differ and I was wondering if anyone here has done this already? If I buy a 2x RCA male to 3.5mm female adaptor, do I still need to use the composite cable or is that all I need. My headset is analog with just the two 3.5mm jacks. This is why the...
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    Xbox One: Headset Sold Separately - Not Included in $499 Package For £429 I'd want a headset. No way will Kinect suffice for a proper headset especially since the new ones are proprietary.
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    Kinect 2 has a fan in it? You can see what looks like a fan vent there. If true I wonder how much noise it'll make. As a PC gamer I do hate small fans.
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    How is the Xbox TV to work on TVs with built in freeview/freesat?

    Just wondering about this, my TV is a Samsung 5 series and hasn't got an HDMI out and has freeview built in. So does this mean TVs like this won't allow an Xbox One to use it's TV guide feature? Basicially, I'd need an external DVR/Freeview box for it to work?
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    Hurricane Bawbag That's right. We Scots don't settle for any of those fancy American named hurricanes, no, we name them after scrotum's.... :D
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    US military weapons, "full of fake Chinese parts" Isn't it kinda obvious not to allow your rival to have any involvement in making your military equipment?
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    MW3 has it's own "No Russian" Scene I know the media will no doubt go nuts over this but it seems to be a cheap way of getting attention.
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    World War Z filming in Glasgow *pics*

    Remember seeing this a few weeks ago in the local news and I was luck enough to see some of the filming today when I was in town. Thought I'd share some pics for those interested. And yes, I did see Brad Pitt although he was walking out from the filming with an umbrella over his head to prevent...
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    UK Riots - Photoshop
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    Anyone for some Muff Diving??

    Next time I'm in Ireland, I'm defo getting into some of their Muff Diving. Just a case of how deep can you go and how long you can stay down there for? sfw mods. ;)
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    3D Printer Gotta be the best machine to have ever. Could make me a TF2 Golden Wrench in no time. :D
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    3 Free PC Games (this weekend only) Arma 2 Men of War Tower Bloxx Deluxe Nothing to get too excited about but still worth mentioning.
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    Floods cause Nuclear Fear in Nebraska|head Sad to see the major news channels aren't covering this. Guess this may turn into the Chernobyl of America.
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    One of the best Prank Call's I've heard in a while :D I know I posted this in the LOL thread but this is just too good to only have it posted there. 0:41 = LMFAO
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    Creepy as hell Creepy, no? :???: