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    Radiohead's new album InRainbows out now!

    I **** you not. For the handful of fans (on this forum) that care, their new album In Rainbows will be released next wednesday. Yes that's 10 days from now! As they currently have no record contract they've decided to launch the album on their official website Dead Air Space. The interesting...
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    SSX Blur

    Gametrailers has provided us lucky folks with a 'game controls' walkthrough of the new SSX title for the Wii. I personally am looking forward to this, the SSX series is a favourite of mine. One thing I do notice is they've brought back Happiness slope (from SSX3), so we'll likely to see some...
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    Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Preview

    If you had to think of a game that justified your purchase of a PSP, Valkyrie Profile would be bang on the money (especially for RPG fans). I see this, Brave Story and perhaps FFVII Crisis Core as definate must haves. Here's a preview of the game: Source...
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    I'd like to get rid of my effect on my username...

    I know this has been asked before but will I lose my 3000 skill points I used to buy the shadow effect? Is there some way to reimburse them? Thanks for your time V.O.A.R P.S. Mods can lock this afterwards.
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    Level 5 Confirms Development of Next-gen Game

    source: Level 5 have really impressed me this year and I can't wait to see what how they handle next gen consoles. I'd really like to see something from them at TGS.
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    FFVII Crisis Core: New screenshots and news

    As you can see it looks like Sephiroth and Zack will be prominant characters in this title. source: EDIT: I've left a link to the pics, but I can't see the prob, they show up on my computer. :?
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    Square Enix Announces E3 Line-Up

    I wasn't sure where to post this as it concerns many platforms, but I'll post it here for now. Mods can move/delete it where ever. link: Looks like Square Enix are going to bust out the big guns at the Pre - E3 briefing... I'm so excited. :) I'd...
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    Anyone going to any festivals this year?

    I'm off to Reading Festival this summer, here's the line up As usual the organisers pull out all the stops and theres an quality line up. I looking especially forward to Muse, Pearl Jam, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Placebo and Audioslave. Thats not the full line up..theres more to come!
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    Grandia III Impressions/US release date confirmed

    source: Great news for everyone in the US now I want some news about the Europe release date. Come on Squenix spill your guts out, tell us all! Here are some pics for those who haven't discovered this RPG yet. All I can say is this game looks...
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    PS3 Still a conceptual design?

    I just found this short article which throws up some old questions of whether the PS3 we all know now is still not the finished design. If this is old news then I apologise now, and I'll get someone to lock it. source: You can...
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    Your thoughts on Ys: The Ark of Napishtim

    I was browsing the shelves of my local GAME store when I came across Ys: The Ark of Napishtim. I'm a great fan of RPGs in general, and looking at the back cover of the game it looked intriguing. But I decided not to purchase it and instead do a little research. Most popular gaming websites gave...
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    SCE announce new RPG - Blade Dancer: Sennen no Yakusoku

    Source: Check out the video at I'm not sure I'm liking the music which accompanies the'll see :D but I'm loving the cell shaded graphics. This is certainly another original RPG that...
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    Revolution Not Final Name For Nintendo Console

    The source is Spong so read as much into it as you want. But I'm sure I remember Ninty mentioning something about this before. for the full read:
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    Nintendo Keep Revolution spec secret

    source: Could Nintendo be hiding something back, do they have an ace up their sleeve?
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    New RPG!! Rogue Galaxy impressions

    Anyone whose played the Dark Cloud games should know of Level 5 the people who developed the series. Well they're working on another original project called Rogue Galaxy. Lets just say it looks very impressive and the look of the game is quite like Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle), except its more...