• umm nope. we did not.

    we did upgrade to vb.4.2, so that might have broken it
    Oi Black, make something awesome btw. I don't wanna win by landslide. :snicker

    And btw, I checked my bank too. Got something like 17000+, so if you wanna make it 15K in the pot each, or we can both go all in. =)
    Yeah the "collection" is pretty lame I dunno what they're thinking. There's so much potential for it.

    There's been a few updates on the PSO2 front. There's an alpha test coming in the summer and they're doing drawings for codes. They put up the minimum requirements for it too and they scream console ports for those who didnt think they'd happen.
    I tried the demo myself too, pretty lame, it's a really poor representation of the game, which is awesome, the japanese demo was much longer and showed some awesome sega fanservice (there's songs from old sega games in the shops and pubs and sega character toys in the claw machine, really felt like shenmue)

    I'm a pretty big fan of game music, I love the soundtracks to the Lunar games, Grandia games, Ar tonelico, Mana Khemia, Atelier series, Sora No Kiseki, Ys. There's even some amazing soundtracks from game musicians that arent in games, like check out Tindharia no Tane, it's really epic.
    There's a lot of great scenes in it, it's hard to just pick one. I really love the scene near the end where all the people you've met through the course of the story start showing up to help in the final battles, that was a real "**** YEAH!" moment especially with Vigoro turning out to be a good guy. Belleza taking out Galcian was pretty awesome too. and when you go into the deep dark vortex gave a great feeling of the unknown.
    The chances should be really good, I mean Overworks, which contains what used to be WOW did Valkyria and introduced a lot of new people to the SoA cast. It's an obvious choice to me. I've even seen screenshots of SoA running in HD before and it actually holds up really well too.
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