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    What has happened to Xbox 360 Exclusives?
  2. W I return from a hiatus and...

    The forums are different, the people I keep seeing are different, and unless I am mistaken I am seeing more infractions thrown down than in quite a while (ever since the days of .... nah better not say). Anyways just wanted to check in as I should be around a little more often now (got to...
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    Rate the Rating Above You!!

    Just as the thread says. My rating. 9/10 I think I did ok, but its just a little shy of perfection. Let it be known that I rarely rate ratings a 10/10 because it is hard to have a perfect rating. Feel free to rate my rating.
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    Help Me Understand Receivers and Power Ratings

    I have been checking AVS for a while now but I must say that I am still not clear on the relationship between a receiver and its power ratings on the sound I am getting. I currently have Ascend 340's across the front with 170's for my rears. I have a Onkyo 605 that is rated at (but not probably...
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    I Just Got a New Slim PS3 For 150...

    ...because my old 60gb died for the second time today. This is the second time that my blu ray drive has gone out. The first time I was still under warranty from Walmart to get it replaced. Not so much this time. Of course it happens the day before Heavy Rain comes out as well. Got to say that I...
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    Which Version of Final Fantasy XIII Will Sell Better?

    Given all the recent craziness regarding the screenshots for the 360 version of Final Fantasy XIII got me thinking. Which version do you ultimately think will sell better? I am personally picking it up for the PS3, as that is the only system I have. But typically mutliplat games tend to sell...
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    Why Do Supermans Villains Suck So Much?

    Title pretty much says it all. You got Luthor. He's good, but the rest are meh at best to me. Metallo, Brainiac ( an alien!) Bizzaro (great about Superman...but dumb and kind of bad...) Parasite, Doomsday. Just not any really good villains. Batman, Spiderman, the X-Men all...
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    CNET's PS3 vs. 360 Showdown

    Interesting video from CNET on a showdown between the PS3 and 360. Enjoy. Edit: Whoops, just saw that this was posted a few weeks ago. Mods please trash.
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    Trying to import Singstar Wireless Mics ... Problems

    I was trying to import some Singstar Wireless Mics from and got all the way through to order confirmation but then it stopped me twice and said there were errors. Can anyone help me with this. It said it would ship to the U.S. and I was willing to pay the import cost, but the site...
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    Final Fantasy XIII Price

    Haven't seen anyone bring this up, but Final Fantasy XIII is going to be 90-95 in Japan! Is that normal? Is that just their price? If it comes out in the U.S. at that price I for one won't be getting it for a while. I love my Final Fantasy games, but not to the tune of $90-95. Just curious...
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    Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders

    Just curious if anyone else picked up this demo today? I got the demo and soon thereafter knew I was going to have to have it. Well worth it for $10 and very addicting. Similar to Pixeljunk Monsters in that it's a tower defense, but it more closely resembles Ninjatown on the DS. So for those...
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    Eye Pet and Other Games That Still Haven't Come Out Since Last Year's E3

    I just downloaded the E3 video the Eye Pet and it still looks very interesting. But, it got me thinking. What other games did they announce at last years E3 that still haven't come out. I know MAG hasn't, but is there others? Personally, I'm not sure why you would announce something that is...
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    You leave your bedroom and walk into your living room and find this

    What would you do? If you ask me I would call the cops for her eating the last girl.
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    Where White People and Black People Buy Furniture!

    Ahh, my home state how you deliver such a compelling furniture store I will never know!
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    Movie Sharing?

    I've got a quick question or two or three. I was about to pull the trigger and download Army of Darkness from the PSN store. If I do, can I share this with my girlfriend like PSN games? Also, can I transfer the movie to other things like my Ipod or PSP? Lastly, do downloaded movies still have...