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    Yeah, really needed that to finally happen especially with the criticisms from last year. Despite Lebron missing two MAJOR freethrows, he also clutched the game to go to overtime.
    I just looked and Kobe is now 3rd. Lebron, he's almost 60%, that sounds crazy. Also, Lebron would've had 5-8 triple doubles but most of the games that they won were blowouts so he didn't have to play in the 4th quarter...ironic. OKC lost to the Cavaliers today.
    Well, If Lebron doesn't continue on winning then its going to go to Durant. Lebron has dodged Durant since the last two losses although OKC have lost as well. Rose isn't even top 3. That third spot is a gamble, right now its Lebron and Durant.
    Anything could happen I believe. Chicago is struggling with more injuries and if Derrick Rose does't take care his back; there's no way he's getting into the basket how he usually does. Celtics, now they have a healthy Rondo again but no Glen Davis, just Brandon Bass. Knicks, no chemisty but great talents. Now, if they do make it to the Finals again, Ohklahoma is there challenge. Spurs and Mavericks were exposed to the Heat in blowouts. They're contentious though and Dark Horse of the West are the Grizzlies whom are playing still without Zach Randolph but even they ended up being blown by the Heat.
    LOL I get a message notification and I'm like:
    "I bet its wesmore, he's the only one that messages me"

    I'm good man, haven't seen you around.
    can't believe stern blocked the cp3 deal. what an ass
    been heaps busy with training and other things :) how bout you? my bros psn is doctor-_-who hes a loser lol
    do you have bf3 mate? if so il try and get on when i get up if my bro isint up that is lol night brah
    Indeed, the deal isn't official yet. Now the Union has to reform and onto further negotiations until finally having both sides voting. December 9th Free-Agency and Training Camp.
    got my black friday bundle via walmart online for $243. You won't see me on psn probably until dec 5th.
    my 60 gig og ps3 died 3 days ago. so now i must play the waiting game.
    hey check out the thread i made in the ps3 discussion section. "Black friday ps3 bundle roll call thread"
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