• There's no average. The maximum is 25 kills and in team deathmatches I believe it exceeds beyond that. The last time I was on a rank was years ago; that should imply how old the game really is.
    You might, and R1 is nothing like R2. Rank games are on the ground so the only thing that's left are the custom games. I uually play in Manchester 40p, 40 players, arbine with 44mm explosion, fareye, hedgehogs and air fuels. One hit, 200% and no health regeneration. I average around 40-60 kills a game. The best players usually average around 50-120 kills a game.
    You do live in the US, right? Anyway, sorry couldn't get to you yesterday. We will definitely do it. I hope you get some experience before you get into it. Also, just a couple of caveats. There's a couple of psychos there time to time. So just ignore them if any thing.
    I have been inactive for some time while I try to get my life back on track but, as I said, I'm in the middle of writing an article. Your concern is not needed.
    I am, yes. I'm currently working on an article that I'll be pitching and drafting within the next week. I've been busy as I've explained to Adam and Mike, as well as Cuguy. Why?
    actually i went through this during my ban, but yeah ONQ was (and still is) right.
    this forum used to be a haven for playstation fans but not the case anymore.
    and although there's stricter policies idiots like f34r still troll, though stealthily i might add
    hi there
    nice to be back
    nothings changed here at all since my ban
    well minus that extrememly stupid "no more calling out people" rule. utter bullshit if you ask me.
    If you have a fast internet connection you will pick up the pace quickly. Plus, easier for you to take down your opponents in 1-hit kill.
    Well, rank games are currently dead but the custom games (unrank games) are still on most of the time. I'm usually playing on Manchester40 and Rooftops. Resistance Fall of Man is no ordinary FPS. If you remember Goldeneye for the N64, it works the same way and and since the maps in the game are immense. You will have to squirm through 40 other players. Let me know when you're going to be on or if you see me on. Jump right in.
    It doesn't have trophies but it does have in-game achievements. I can easily finish it off but I'm not into that. Anyway, do you have Fall of Man?
    im now on chap 3 i think just done wheels of steal and now gotto go and buff the truck up lol i done all the side missions ive found so far
    yeah and that chick is badass ive killed heaps of zombies just by punching lol shes like superwoman im lvl 4 now
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