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    UK phone contract

    Ok i am on an 18 month contract with Vodafone and i'm over a year in probably about 4 months left out of curiosity what would happen if my phone was lost/stolen ? Would i get the same model phone for the remainder of the contract ? Or a brand new different model phone and like an extension to...
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    Back again ?

    Hey some of you older members might remember me from when i was a regular on the forums. Well i've recently got CS4 after a couple years without any PS. Last Photoshop i used was CS2, I'm knocking up a little Pic atm probably will post it up when it's done. Also if anybody has got any links to...
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    Well i'm getting a new laptop soon and was hoping some of you guys could point me in a good direction. £450 budget open to going a bit over if it's going to be worth it.
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    Rock Band/Guitar Hero ?

    Well hello my forum chums. I've finally decided to spring the cash on either Rock Band or Guitar hero. But before i chose which one i've got a few questions i'd like you people to answer for me :) 1. Rock Band or Guitar Hero.....Which is better ? 2. Which game has the better peripherals ...
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    Godfather 2 question

    So i've got the game and it's great. However i have a question i need to ask you, when i have to kill a rival made man the kill condition is 'get a bruiser to shank him from behind'. Can someone tell me what this means exactly, and how i go about killing him ?
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    Bob Marley sig and avvy please :)

    Just wondering if somebody would be kind enough to throw me up a decent Bob Marley sig and avvy combo. Completely up to you as for choice of pictures and everything. Standard sizes. Just make sure it says my username on it somewhere and also on the sig if you can get it in it would be pretty...
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    Uk store

    Just a quick question here guys, on the Uk store can we use Debit Cards to buy games and such, i checked earlier and there was only an option to use Credit Cards, if i just put my Debit info in there will it work ? I really wanna get Crash and Worms haha
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    Getting in shape. Advice ?

    Well i had a bad knee injury 2 years ago now and i pretty much had to stop playing rugby because of it. At first with me not playing any sport i actually lost weight (for about 6-8months). And well for the past 3-4months i've started gaining weight and to tell the truth i've started to get a...
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    happy new years

    happywsr neww years feloow gamesrs xd
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    Does Santa Exist ?

    I got this from another forum i vist
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    Things you should never say to a woman

    Many thanks to my mate for this one
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    Well after playing my PS3 in SD since i bought it in January i will now be getting some money and i'm going to be buying a HDTV with it. Now i don't know much at all about Tv's but i know some of you lot do and are just itching to help me out ;) I have a couple of TV's in mind at the moment...
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    LBP sig please

    Well i got in the LBP beta and it has got me mega excited for it :D Could someone make me a sig please, i got about a thousand sp i can chuck you and plus rep aswell Usual sig dimensions apply, be creative as you want. Oh and if you could throw up an avatar that would be great
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    Need a football shirt, help !

    Well a little running joke between me and my friends is going on, and i'm in need of a the Moldova national team's football shirt. Couldnt find it on ebay or google. If anyone knows where i can get one then please let me know.
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    Need help finding something

    Well i've been searching for this jacket for the past few months now. If anybody helps me find it skill points and +rep will be thrown your way :D Not fussed about the colours (within reason) Just the same style, main body one colour arms/neck another colour All i know is it is a jacket...