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    GT5: Prologue - Interview with Kaz

    Famitsu interview, credit to Doctor_No for the translation: Link:,1185973654,76199,0,0.html Can't wait!
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    PS3: failure rate < 1%

    I found this article on the failure rate of the Xb360, and I found something very interesting regarding PS3. Link: Thumbs up for Sony, they learned their lesson from PS2.
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    Heavenly Sword video (bazooka!)

    New video on Youtube, E3 trailer? ;) Link:
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    1 million PS3 sold in Europe

    Translation: According to an internal source at Sony, one million PS3 (1.050.000) have been sold in Europe from the launch 9 weeks ago till last week. This beats the record of the PS1 and the PS2, and also that of the competition. Link...
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    GT5: cockpit view confirmed

    Just saw the video, it's in French though. Nothing really new, but still nice to see it for the first time. Link:
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    The story behind Home

    A very interesting read regarding the development of Home. Link:
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    Casino Royale confusion cleared

    Check your e-mail daily next week ;). Link:
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    Record-breaking 165,000 PS3s sold at UK launch

    Link: Congratz to Sony I guess!
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    GDC EDGE tech tool demonstration *wow*

    New footage from the EDGE engine (not the Getaway, it only uses its assets). Video: Slides: More info: - 720p - 60fps - with AA - more than 750 people and more than 50 cars on screen - 2 programmers...
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    Rumour: Phil Harrisons GDC Keynote details inside

    Just found this on Neogaf, take it for what it is. Just remember, it's a RUMOUR. Link:
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    Singstar PS3 preview

    From 1UP, I bolded the important things: Link:
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    "PS3 most pre-ordered console yet" -

    There seems to be a lot of demand for PS3 in Europe :). Link:
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    ID announces Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (PS3/Xb360)

    PS3 gets another shooter: Link:
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    New downloadable game: Super Rub-O-Dub

    Phil Harrison announced it at DICE 2007: Old pic from E3 I think:
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    DICE 2007: Phil Harrison speaks

    Phil H. is speakin atm, background downloading confirmed and demonstrated. New PSN game announced: Super Rub-O-Dub.