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    MotoGP 2015 VS 2016?

    Anyone here play the MotoGP games? I'm looking for opinions on 2015 VS 2016. I have been reading online and there aren't a lot of comparison reviews. It sounds like there isn't much of a jump, with the exception of the Rossi content. Just wondering if it's worth it? Sounds like it might be...
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    Supercar Challenge, is the challenge to find it?

    Can anyone tell me why I can't seem to find a store that sells this game? Was this a game only released in specific places? I would have thought Canada (specifically Ontario) would have seen it... Any one help me out here? I was excitedly awaiting this game... Thanks.
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    Supercar Challenge?

    Can anyone give me info on this? I thought it was out but can't find any info on it's North America release? I was all hyped for it...
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    AVI video on the PS3 how?

    Hi Guys: How do I get a video file that is AVI to play on the PS3? What format is recognized besides Divx? Basically I want to watch some episodes of Top Gear on my TV instead of my computer, and transfer it via a USB stick. (BBC Canada cuts out too much of the show, and is a year behind)...
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    Copying prohibited... Say What?

    I went to back up my game save date for Moto GP 08 and it told me I can't... So I went to "Info" on it and it said "Copying Prohibited". What? I can't back up my game save data? That's not cool. Have I missed something? Cause if I haven't Capcom sucks.
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    My trophies left me... where did they go?

    I know there was at least one thread on this before but I couldn't find it. My PS3 died and had to go back to Sony. Luckily it was only the blu-ray drive and I still was able to back up my game saves. Well of course all my other data was lost and with it my trophies, when I got it back from...
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    Where's Kate Work?

    Lil help here please... Call me blind or stupid, but, where does Kate work? When I call her for a date (first time) I'm told to get her at work, but there is no indicator on the map (I can't see it if it's there) and I don't recall ever hearing her mention where. Anyone? Thanks.