• Not very creative, just my favorite band really pronounced Bee-Tee-Bam all one word though.
    I believe they are working on something. If you asked me this a year ago I'd have said NEVER! Long story as to why.

    But we have great admins now, Mr Bishop who effectively is the boss is great! If you PM him directly I'm sure he will give you an honest answer. To find him scroll down to the forum Index and click View Forum Leaders. His name will be in red.
    Regular members can buy a user title but they are only allowed it in black text.

    If you subscribe you can choose up to three colours.

    Since we don't have a shop right now, SP has minimal uses. Most people use it to encourage members of the Design Squad to make them sigs and avatars!
    Well we got hacked around a year ago! They put the hacking down to the weak security around the shop! The silly hacker changed the password on all admin accounts and stuff so we were knackered! One night, the hacker decided to do the same to all members who were online. To the stage there was one last man standing!
    The shop used to be amazing! I used to make pretty patterns with my Icons and some were really rare. Example, the FF7 meteor was pretty much snapped up straight away as you only ever had 50 in the shop and when they were gone, they were gone!

    But then you could buy them off other members for silly amounts of internet money :P
    The shop used to be quite robust. It used to include hundreds and hundreds of icons to choose from, which you could put under your avatar (30 at a time). You could also buy glowing and shaded usernames.

    But the shop feature wasn't included in VBulletin 4.0, so when we upgraded, it was mostly removed. They're trying to bring it back though, but it's tricky.

    Anyway, I don't think you'll be able to buy colored usernames, since most of the colors are already taken up.
    You can't buy colored usernames.

    SMCs have blue names, Mods have green names, Admins have red names, the Design Squad has purple names, the PSU Staff has brown names, the Community Manager has a black name, and subscribers can choose between yellow or pink.
    I can basically do anything a regular mod can do, except for issuing official warnings and infractions. I have the ability to ban any member, but I'm not allowed to do so unless it's an emergency.
    I'm on the Senior Member Council, which basically means I'm a mod with training wheels. So no, I'm not an Admin. lol
    Ingen fara, du måste passa dig här dock dom i rött och grönt kan vara rätt jobbiga. Många som vill vara med och koka i den här soppan så bäst att ta de lugnt med språket och så :) Jag har varit här nästan fem år jag borde veta ;)
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