• In all fairness no one can touch Arnold in weight lifting. He will hold the title for a long time until someone gets that much dedication. I think he's pretty fat now though. I guess he got older and said f**k it! :snicker Was that your only idol?
    22? That's way to young to die, bro. I would've like to see how big he could've got, you know? I can see him at the age of 30.[IMG]
    here it is. Lol i swear i did it right that time. :snicker I can't believe he died since he looked really healthy. :(
    Where do you live? Also, i think i'm gonna sink about 200- 300 on one personally. Also, you know i always kid geeezz. Didn't you see the ? I've been drinking water for 3 years. I drink alot milk with my mini wheats. I love eggs but i haven't them in a while but there easy to cook and high in protein. Speaking of chicken, i just ate it. I ate rice, chicken breast, and pork chops. The pork chops and chicken breast was cut up then boiled with the rice. I ate 2 giant plates.
    The thing about eating is that no one really cooks around here. I told grandma to get me a george foreman grill so i cook all kind of shizzzzzz.
    I'm gonna get weights you tard. :snicker I just didn't say it because i figured you knew what i meant. How much does a good weight bench cost?
    I know, i'm a noob. I can't believe i posted in my own stuff.:snicker
    you know how i'm 5,5 and 130 lbs. Bruce was around that height and i wanna really be like him. I'm not fat but i just wanna be healthy and be built like Bruce.I just need to find a weight bench. What do you use?
    Alright for the lighting. After finishing the signature open a new layer and use the bucket tool to fill the entire canvas with white. Then go to Filters > Light and shadows > Lightning effect. Then go to the layer modes (ctrl+l) and select 'Divide' but there are other modes that work as well. Play around with the lighting to find the best lighting for the sig and there you go.

    p.s. I was playing around and made this funny looking thing. It needs some work but meh, good enough. I also used the above steps to create the lighting. (just an example)

    x6, the GIMP program I have installed in my laptop thinks it's a tough and stuff (it's not working) but tomorrow I'll make sure to kick it's digital ass to the moon and make it work. THEN I can help you out on the signature lighting. - Good day -
    You might own both of them but i would own you, chuck, and bruce with one hand tied behind my back.:snicker
    Ps3freak18 ], boyfromschool, and darky tried to tell me that segal would own both of them. I went on like 8 different forums and we're reading the debate and everyone was in agreement with me that Bruce lee would own all of them. :)
    It's easy..just move around the mouse and click your selection like you usually do... while headbanging like this.


    It'll come natural to you..you'll see. =)
    No problem. Believe it or not but another thing that helps me is listening to music....music like this makes me high...in a way. :snicker

    (Don't forget to headbang) [img]

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