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    Acog scopes

    Is it me or do acog scopes seriously suck in this game? They increase range but its almost impossible to shoot far because of accuracy.
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    changing PSN ID

    Is there a way to change your PSN name? i made mine a while ago and realized it made no sense, and would like to change it, but i dont want to make a new profile as i have a lot of friends and saves on my file. If not, should sony have an option to change your name (for a price, to prevent...
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    About the Ending ***SPOILER WARNING***

    Im a little confused about the resin. If it's supposed to give you immortality, then why do the guardians die? And if it's only an enhancer of sorts, why is Zorin so much stronger than the guardians? Do you guys and gals think Zorin really dies at the end, because we only see him attacked by...
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    If Apple made a console....

    I was just wondering, if apple ever did jump into the console market, how many of you would potentially buy it. I really think apple could pull it off. - they have superb understanding of hardware and software, very user friendly - they can make some nice looking stuff - they have...
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    audio help/Questions

    I have some videos that are in 5.1 WMV-HD, is that supported by the ps3? And if not, can I connect my ps3 to a sound system that does support it?
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    Shouldn't we have a PS3forums clan for KZ2?

    Im not the leader type, but i was hoping someone with the time/skill to organize one could.
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    PS3 Exclusives

    Is it me or is the ps3 getting a boatload of exclusives compared to the last 2 years. And is this a sign of Sony's comeback in the console market. Looking at 360 exclusives, there's only a halo RTS game (which will sell because its halo), alan wake, and maybe mass effect 2 that are promising...
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    Video issue

    I need to kow how to reset AV settings with the ps3. My screens black cuz i switched wire types and need help. I know you have to press a button on the controller, just not which one.
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    ****PS3 game screenshot Thread**** [56k no no!!]

    i know there are several but lets keep this one going. Heres some pics of warhawk and mgs4
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    ***MGS4 Camera Pictures*** [spoilers/ 56k warning]

    Post up your pictures of the game using the ingame camera!!! camera is found in: Images
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    My christmas wish

    i wish that Square Enix made a final fantasy tactics for the ps3 with amazing graphics and a medieval atmosphere. Final fantasy 7 and 10 were great, but i liked the medieval style and story of tactics and hope to see sequel game for the ps3. What would you guys want to see from developers as ps3...
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    For the beta testers

    Warhawk looks like an awsome game and the places look big. But for those of you that have played it, is 32 players enough? It seems to me the game would look more fun if they had lets say .. 50 players, but 20 warhawks. 32 just seems to few for such large ground coverage.
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    ***HELP*** Looking for nice photoshop brushes.

    Links would be nice. There should be a resources sticky for these kinds of things
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    XD vs Blu-ray vs ajrobin

    Ajrobin's entry blu-rays entry: XD's entry Congrats Blu-ray.
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    DNA replacing silicon in microprocessing? Just read this article at Howstuffworks and made me think how this can be implimented on the next generation of gaming after this. Could DNA be the answer to realistic graphics and phisics the gaming industry strides to achieve? Comment please