• Damn, guess it makes sense, but usually I thought it was only if the person was gone for a long time.
    Whichever thread you closed lol. Think it was Seahawks thread. But oh well was trying to be funny since I was bored and was snooping at peoples conversation. I will go over..... Here now.
    Sorry if the posts don't make sense. All done on my phone and post was too long. Editing on a phone is not fun lol
    I was scheduled to leave Japan on march 14th. Whenthe earthquake hit I was stranded in Japan as everything was shut down. Some friends I had made had family in the effected area, so I volunteered to help out with a the search and recovery in any way I could. By the time they finally were able to have flights out I was fully involved in helping out so I just stayed for awhile. They are such an amazing culture when you can be in a major city that has no power for a long time and not single act of Looting took place. I couldn't just leave lol.

    I ended up coming back at the end of may and had the serious urge to reconnect with people I hadn't talked to in awhile ( probably one of the reasons I came back here to see who was still around.

    On a lighter side, it is very depressing knowing that some of the technology you used for a few months is still a couple years at least away
    Thank you again. I will make sure to save then this time just in case lol.

    Without being aloud to say Japan, I would have to say brazil and Argentina. Just was such a beautiful place and a very diverse culture.

    As for Japan I went fully to experience the culture and learn their language. I had always wanted to go, and with having a little extra money I decided here was no better time. From all the places I have been, Japan by far has the most amazing people. My friends still laugh a me cause when I say thank you I still do a slight bow by habit lol.

    I was
    Guess it disappeared with the forum reset :(

    Are you able to post the signatures again that I hadn't saved (dummy) and I can't remember what you asked lol
    Hey Hun, long time no see. You wouldn't happen to have any old sharky digs hanging around, do you. I would rather every time I post about something I do t get the " who are you" response instead of keeping the discussion going lol

    Now that out of the way, how's it going. You ever make it over here to Canada like you had talked about?
    Damn, that sucks man, hope you get better. Flu totally sucks, specially when you have it.

    Get better man.
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