• Jesus Christ, we ain't on twitter :P Mine died to a certain extent so I'm pretty much just between PC and PS4. As for twitter, feel free to follow @LosDragonflyos...chill dude, you might know him. ;)
    Too much to handle O_o My suggestion is we become strippers. We can have a certain theme and we'll become notorious for It. we can be Bonnie and Clyde then we strut down the runway with tuxedos and guns that look realistic but shoots out water. So we rip off our tuxedos then we'll be in very sexy underwear. Then we spray each other with the water guns while breaking down to music. If not that we can do peter pan and tinker bell. :snicker Million dollar ideas, amiright? :snicker
    :lol: brilliant! Should of just said you texted the wrong person by accident. I don't usually text when I'm drunk, I always seem to just text "Where are you?" to people. (I like to wonder about by myself when I drink :snicker)

    All my drunken escapades usually happen on the Internet once the night is over because I never go straight to bed..mostly on Facebook. :p

    Getting drunk is ALWAYS fun. ;)
    :p I don't doubt you. Well the element of surprise always makes things interesting...I have been known to come on here after drunken nights out and post some questionable things which I forget about the next day, I usually have to check out my post history. :lol:
    Ha, oh I'm sure you are kidding ;) :p. You would have to be extremely pervy to get banned, are you gonna make the admins feel really awkward or something? :lol:
    Well actually I do, I just try to keep tabs on it around others...but now that I know you're a huge perv too I don't to, thanks for that! :lol:
    I don't really care what others think of me..it's just a good thing I'm awesome anyway ;) :p. Yeah its just my Facebook photo, why do you need to change yours?
    That sucks. The silver lining is now your not gonna waste your time on something that would've not worked out in the first place. I feel bad for you though but you'll find another.What do you drink? By the way, we could make a lot of money together. :snicker
    I don't think that's true at all :p..also I thought I was talking to myself for a second, didn't realise you switched avys. :lol: This is gonna confuse a lot of people. :p
    Just don't end up in something you don't like. That's one of my biggest fears. I'm still lost on what I want in life,however, It would have to be a sociologist, marine biologist, or a computer scientist. Also, you could totally be a stripper :snicker DO IT!
    Hey, I already knew I was cool :cool:...but thanks for the validation. ;) :lol:

    Kwesnoth made it for me, usually make my own stuff..but I don't really have the time for Photoshop these days. :p
    I could see you doing that. The thing about being a waitress is you get tipped based on looks (guy's perspective) and a nice perspective from a woman's perspective. Another thing is that you'll get surprised as one. I read just yesterday that a man left a woman a 1,000 dollar tip. However, your job would be more stable and with constant good pay. I see the pros of both of them. Is that what you want to do with your life though? (secretary?)
    I told you so. I was reading your thread earlier and I was curious, what kind of work are you in? Is a specialized job or just general like walmart, dollar general, and dollar tree?
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