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    Dashboard question

    Ok I know it's been ages since the look of the dashboard changed as part of NXE was it? Anyway I'm just wondering if it's possible to go back to the classic tabs style? Thanks in advance :)
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    Bionic Commando - Eurogamer Review

    Pretty solid review. Will most probably pick this one up.
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    Silent Hill Homecoming Thoughts and Impressions

    Ok, so Silent Hill HC has just dropped in Australia. As far as I know there is no demo for it, atleast not on the US or AU store. Just wondering if I could get some thoughts and impressions from fellow PS3F users :D I am looking for positive and negative input and am happy to rep any...
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    Resistance 2 Co-Op Question

    Got R2 the other day and been having the odd game of Co-op online in between doing the campaign. All good love it. Both MP and Co-op are a blast so far. My question is How do you unlock new levels in Co-op? Ive still only got Chicago available. I see the requirements needed to unlock the next...
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    Midnight CLub LA Photo Thread

    On the back of the release of the awesome new street racer and the inclusion of a very nifty ingame anywhere anytime photo mode I thought what better time to get a collection together of all the cars people have created. Who knows with enough entries I might even setup a poll and people can...
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    What Tunes Are You Listening To While Cruising Around LA

    Ok I dont know what it is but something about an arcade racer always has me exploring custom soundtracks alot earlier than most games. Atm I've gone for some: Eazy-E British India Kings of Leon and LadyHawke. So for everyone using custom tracks in Midnight Club: LA...
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    NFS Undercover Hands On Pro Street wasnt great but I had fun with it. This is looking pretty good and I will definitely keep an eye on it.
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    Midnight Club LA MP Hands On

    Only just saw this on IGN so apologise if its old Looking pretty awesome. Every hands on/preview I read just gets me more and more excited. Its been way too long between MC games.