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    uncharted 4 MP Naughty Dog Stream!

    they did a stream earlier in the day (2pm est) looking good, cant wait for Friday to start playing
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    Snoop Dogg's 'creepy and awkward' comments

    is this shit for real? is this what people do now? how was what he said offensive? how was it embarrassing? what the fuck is going on here? wow! talk about overreacting.
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    "It's happening" Redgamingtech analysis XBO eSRAM performance improvement through PIX

    Don't know if this has been posted hey everyone wins
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    Sony billed me twice!

    So I get a call today from loss and prevention and they're asking if I authorized the following transaction. I then open up the mobile app to see that I have been charged twice! I bought drive club season pass yesterday the 28. This other two charges I don't know what the fuck is going on at...
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    Assassins creed: Unity review thread??

    So Um looks like 10k npc's will not save this one Get your popcorn bags ready people, this should be fun -bad framerate -environmental and character pop ins -clipping -character faces missing and glitching out? -800mb+...
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    Multiplayer working!

    If anyone is online now, add and send invite
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    PES 2015 [email protected]

    ...on xbone white font on white background...anyways its using the fox engine so same story as ground zero edit: better version
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    Metal Gear Solid TPP 40 Minute gameplay video so where are those that doubted TPP will maintain [email protected] just because it got bigger compared to Ground Zero? game look awesome....i.e Sufi see how seamless the transition is from cut-scene to gameplay
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    Rainbow six: Seige offscreen gameplay

    Surprisingly resembles the reveal gameplay Defense gameplay Assault gameplay...
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    Driveclub Weather rain/snow revealed! They're showing it off to the press at E3 but rushy is putting...
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    The Crew gameplay!

    grand canyon (lol the dynamic light transition just flickered from sundown to night at 28 secs!) pikes peak lambo in snow...
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    "Secret Sauce" finally coming! There you have it folks, from the head honcho. see, now dx12 is all that's needed Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
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    Project Beast (Demon Souls 2)

    Whether it's the spiritual successor or a sequel but it's been leaked! Megaton for those that where wanting it. Ongoing thread at gaf right now as more pictures are being added More pics here Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
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    PS4 FW 1.7 Update Thread (Incoming April 30th)

    Check out the sharefactory video posted on the playstation blog and you'll notice the section about adding background music nice!
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    Infamous Second Son Playthrough video (Spoilers Everywhere!!!)

    For those that are not interested in the game but want to watch it or know what it's all about. Or for the haters lol Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk