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    Ace Combat 04, 5, and Zero remasters in development?

    Shattered Skies and Unsung War are by far the best Ace Combat games to date. At least in my opinion. I beat shattered skies multiple times.
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    So I finally got to play PS4

    That's just it though. I viewed TLOU through the lens of it being a remaster and I took that into account so as not to judge it too harshly. I still came away unimpressed. As for visuals of all the games?, the Pro does a fantastic job of up-scaling and some of these games really do shine on...
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    So I finally got to play PS4

    I enjoy playing different types of games. I enjoy racing, RPGs that aren't Elder's Scrolls, third person, shooters that aren't COD or Battlefield or Overwatch and I definitely enjoy strategy games. I played TLOU remastered and I haven't been terribly impressed by it. What career mode? I...
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    So I finally got to play PS4

    No. I still haven't bought one. My elder brother bought a PS4-Pro a few months ago and he lent it to me during the holiday season. Here are my thoughts on the system and some of the games I got to play. The system is very well built but I can't help but notice how loud it gets with certain...
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    Got in an accident!

    Next time? Don't change lanes to avoid getting your car hit. Don't change speed. Have a dash cam. Let the asshole hit you and have it recorded so that you can get him/her on video and so that you can cover your own ass.
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    What are your predictions for the PS5?

    GPU architecture based on Vega 20 or something. I see Zen generation 3 being used albeit highly customized. I could see HBM2 or HBM3 being the ram standard. I'm hoping to see roughly 32GB of ram. 4K @ 60fps will be standard.
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    Imma seeing and Imma liking. Good job ner.. I mean admins. :p
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    Speed Enforced By Aircraft

    K guys, girls and all genders in between. :snicker Time for another random :snicker :lol:
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    Alexa Gone Wild I almost died from laughter. :oops::snicker
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    I Like Food Cos It Is Yummy My sentiments exactly.
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    Civilization VI Oh Jeebus. My days in the sun are numbered. Firaxis just gave me a raging nerd-boner and now, I'm gonna have blue-balls...
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    Apple v. United States: The Legal Battle Regarding The Future Of Your Privacy Rights

    If anyone has been paying attention to the news lately, you would have an inkling of an idea of what is going on in the world of law enforcement. You'd also have an inkling of what's going in the technology industry. But rarely will you see coverage where the two are mentioned in the same...
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    Sony Interactive Entertainment, The New Home For All Things PlayStation

    Hey guys... girls... and everyone else wishing to remain anonymous. Found an article about some new things going on with Sony that I think you all might find interesting. Have a read and comment below. The rest of the article is in the link below...
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    Dafuq Is Up With the Insert Video URL Option?

    K. I have been posting up videos on the forums from time to time but for some reason, All the videos I put up only go up as a link to the video instead of embedding into the thread in which I post them. Is there some other way to get youtube videos to embed?
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    A journalist & Cameraman Murdered On Live TV Article Plus Video WARNING: NSFW WARNING! THE VIDEO IS GRAPHIC AND NSFW! The rest of the article is in the link. What...
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    Update: Huge Explosion In Tianjin China The death toll is over 44 and more than 500 injured with 71 in critical condition. China is having a bad week. I think...
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    The Best Rap/Hip-Hop I Think I've Heard I dunno what anyone else thinks but in my honest opinion, I think this song is probably the best thing to come out of the hip-hop/rap scene. I can't believe I haven't found this until now.
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    USA Challenges Japan to Giant Robot Battle

    It's FINALLY happened. The stage is set. The opponents named. The challenge issued and the ante upped. PREPARE FOR BATTLE! I can't wait until this battle takes place. I'm so stoked I could pee my pants. :boxing
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    Fuck you logitech

    That's right. I fucking said it. I don't know why I've put up with Logitech's shit for so long. This fucking keyboard can barely do anything I need it to do. It fucking locks up constantly. It shuts off constantly and restarts itself. It's not even a fucking wireless one either so I don't...
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    Epic Dragonball Z figurine with hologram This looks to be one of the most badass things I've seen made with regards to Dragonball Z.