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    The Official UEFA Champions League 2010/11 Final Thread

    Barcelona Vs Manchester United Manchester Uniteds run to final: Group Stages - 0-0 Vs Rangers (h), 0-1 Vs Valencia (a), 1-0 Vs Bursaspor (h), 0-3 Vs Bursaspor (a), 0-1 Vs Rangers (a), 1-1 Vs Valencia (h) - Last 16 - 0-0 Vs Marseille (a), 2-1 Vs Marseille (h) - Quarter Finals - 0-1 Vs Chelsea...
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    The Rumour Mill/Football Transfer Thread

    With the summer window coming up and the WC showing off a lot of the young talent like Ozil, Marin, Elia, Neymar, Di Maria etc there will already be a lot of unfounded rumours and "done deals" that actually dont end up happening. This is the thread for all that gossip and murmurs to be posted...
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    Lionel Messi Sig/Avy Request 2K SP

    Hello my fellow members. I think i need a change of avy and im looking bare on the old sig front. I know the money isnt really much for a request but help a brother out. Id like a picture of Messi celebrating a goal as my sig (goal against Stuttgart pointing to sky is good) with Lionel Messi 10...
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    Ronaldo To Retire on 31st December 2011 A really really sad day for football. One of the best players of all time and probably the most natural striker ive ever seen in my lifetime. He...
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    Players Skipping International Matches?,19528,11833_5753919,00.html With Ibrahimovic admitting he cant be bothered with Swedish friendlies as theres nothing to play for really and wanting to fully concentrate on Barca i was just you think its ok for a player to skip country duty to...
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    MW2 Appreciation Thread

    There seems to be a hell of a lot of threads that seem to hate on MW2. Obviously everyone is entitled to there own opinion but i want to make this thread for all the people who appreciate it. For all the people who are addicted to the Single Player. For all the brothers or sisters who are...
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    Goalkeeper Robert Enke (32) Commits Suicide A real sad day for football, a truly great keeper. Underrated throughout his career and was going to be Germanys number 1 in South Africa, may his soul live on. RIP Robert Enke.
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    Feel my pain :(

    So the other day my PS3 was playing up, crashing and shutting down randomly. I left it to cool and started again. Same thing. But NOW it produces random green and blue squares that fill the screen. I phone sony about why my SECOND PS3 is doing this. And this is the sad part. £145 to replace it...
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    Lil Wayne Sig/Avy Request 3000 SP & +rep

    My katy perry sig never worked out but i did say id make a new request :D Im looking for a lil wanye pair now :) Use any pics you want but they gotta be good. I just wanna silence some haters on these forums who hate em :snicker I will +rep every entry.
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    Katy Perry Sig & Avy Request 1500 SP

    I fancy a bit of a change now gruddys changed his sig :snicker Id like a HAWT!!!! pic of her with Katy Perry on the sig somewhere. Then just a nice pic of her for the avy. 1500 SP for teh winner. If you'd like more info please state here :)
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    Favourite Demo?

    With the killzone 2 and resident evil 5 demos just being released im just wondering whats your favourite demo? What demo has made you go out and buy a game you normally wouldnt? Mine personally would have to be the burnout paradise demo. Days and days of fun and i went and got the full game...
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    Very simple request, easy 200 sp here :)

    Now this will sound stupid but i cant find a pic i need. I need a pic of torres sitting in front of the kop (liverpool supporters will understand) :snicker Im offering 200sp for a good pic and +rep to the rest who find me the pic. This was his celebration against chelsea on sunday so it might be...
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    Anorexia Or Obesity?

    I was having a discussion with my friend before about whats worse. I chose anorexia because of the mental aspects. What do you think is worse? Whats harder to treat and harder to cope with in your opinion?
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    SIg & Avy Request: Jay-Z +Rep all entries

    Hi guys, never asked for a sig before and i just feel so bare and empty :( If anyone can, could they make us an avy of just jay-z. And in the sig could i have a different pic of Jay-Z and the text Jay-Z with a line underneath then Shawn Carter underneath that (if that makes sense lol). And...
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    Hows Everyone Getting On With The Crash Commando Trophies?

    I havent got any so far, how is everyone else doing?
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    Need Some Info Please

    Hello everybody :) I just need to know which of these films, if any, are available in blu-ray Thanks in advance A Clockwork Orange Gangster No1 Goodfellas Scarface Casino Carlitos Way Taxi +rep for the help :D
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    COD: WAW Double XP Weekend ONLY FOR 360 AND PC

    Thats pretty messed up. It takes too long to rank up, this is needed for PS3.
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    Crank that Country Boy!+ Get low Country Version

    Lulz. The voice is pretty annoying but catchy. DAMN POST JUMPS
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    How Much Would I Get For This?

    Hello people :) Im just wondering how much you think id get for this bit of kit. PSP (the 1st one out still working) 512mb memory card Games: GTA:LCS GTA:VCS Virtua Tennis:World Tour The Sims 2 NFS:Carbon NFS:MW Football Manager Handheld Football Manager 07 Football Manager 08 (bit of a FM...
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    Ricky And The Prizefighters

    Did anyone watch this? I thought it was a quality night of boxing, james kirkland really impressed me but vera took one hell of a beating. Hatton battered malignaggi after that shaky 1st round. Shouldnt of been stopped though only 1 more round.