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    Windows 7 compatable PCI Wireless N adapters/dongles

    I just upgraded from XP to Windows 7 only to find out that my wireless network adapter is not compatable with 7. I'm going to go to town later and buy a new one, anyone know of any that work with 7? I live in the UK so my selection may be more limited to that of those in North America.
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    Where to buy Adobe CS from?

    Up until now I've been using a student edition of CS3, but I am no longer a student and am now doing freelance work. Paranoid about being caught I'm looking to purchase a new copy, obviously this is a very large investment but have seen that you can get copies of it quite cheap, but from sites...
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    How do you cancel automatic renewal?

    I got the 3 months for £7.50, now I can't turn off the automatic renewal, I tried removing my credit card but it won't let me with automatic renewal active and the system just sends me in circles when I try to cancel it sending me back to every time! Will I have to...
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    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Onslaught mode

    I just downloaded Onslaught mode and it is the biggest waste of money in a long time! Also just a few hours in there's already someone who has hacked it. The game I entered all the enemies couldn't be killed, yet some how one player could, as you can see from the photo above it was rather one...
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    Bioshock 2 trophies

    Seriously normally I'd just go to the trophy section of this website but they haven't updated it since LAST year! I've nearly platinumed Bioshock 2, all I need to know is what the last hidden trophy is, literally the last trophy in the list, its a hidden trophy of course. Not really all that...
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    Dark Void: quick time event?

    So I'm fighting these UFOs and it gives me the option for a quick time event, however when I do press circle it tells me to "hold circle" ok, not the hardest QTE, but then my character dies, it gives me no further instructions so I'm stumped as to what exactly the devs want me to do, other than...
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    Your Favourite Secondary Weapon

    I noticed that a lot of people just focus on their primary weapons, however there are some situations where your secondary is far more useful. I only recently discovered the brilliance of dual USPs, been using them as my secondary for my sniper setup. So what do you use as your secondary? I...
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    New Patch crashes your PS3

    Just downloaded the latest patch - 1.08, it completely crashed my PS3, other people have reported this happening too
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    All Callsign Titles and Emblems [56k warning]

    Original copied from here. Titles Emblems
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    What happened to CoD1 on the EU PSN store?

    I remember they were selling CoD, the original on the PSN store, well I got paid today and thought I'd splash out as I loved playing it on the PC, but I can't find it anywhere on the store! That includes using the search function.
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    Does your PS3 occasionally refuse to login?

    Ever since 3.10 my PS3 slim will occasionally refuse login. This has happened before on the odd occasion but now it happens all the time. Before resetting the router fixed the problem but not since 3.10, yesterday I couldn't connect to the PSN all day and today I got logged off when playing a...
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    Best game mode

    Right there are several categories 1. Fun 2. Teamwork 3. Points (levelling up) I've tried all the game modes and found a few surprises, first of all, standard team death match is the easiest way to get points, most players seem to average 3-5k per 10min round. The third person small team...
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    Cannot sync controller with PS3. Please help

    All 3 of my controllers cannot sync with my PS3. They are all DS3 and all 3 can turn on my PS3, however none can connect without the help of a USB cable, once the USB cable is disconnected the controllers go back to being lost flashing away. This happened to me just a few hours ago, a good 5...
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    PSN Store down

    When I go on to the PSN store it gives me a message saying This is just the store though, I can play online no problem, anyone else having the same issue?
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    Uncharted 2 beta impressions

    Right so sent out their beta keys today and I've been playing for about an hour or so. First of all this beta is a later build, well at least I'm guessing it is from the fact that it looks so darn pretty. The beta consists of Multiplayer side of the game as you'd expect, the main menu...
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    360's Best exclusives?

    Right, I admit it, I'm a PS3 kind of person, if a game comes out on both platforms I get it on the PS3. As a result of my bias I fear that I have neglected my 360, now with the game drought in full swing I'm looking for 360 exclusives that are worth having a look at. I've got the usual suspects...
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    Raise in RRP explained

    Now a lot of this may just come across as common sense here but a lot of people seem to be complaining about the increased price of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. What is RRP? RRP means Recommended Retail Price, basically the price recommended to retailers by the manufacturer. How is it...
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    BF 1943 "Failed to connect to EA online"

    I can not connect to EA online, is this a server side problem? if so why are there not about 20 threads with people like me moaning? I've tried turning my PS3 on and off, checking my wireless settings, resetting my router, nothing. I couldn't play it last night and now I can't play it this morning.
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    How to do 2 player co-op on Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires

    Basically when you start of this game you cannot play co-op, I too was stumped so I had a look online and found this guide, I hope it helps you.
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    Punisher: No Mercy anygood?

    Title explains it all, I'm sitting on the fence with this purchase and there's no preview on the PSN which is where I usually make my decision to buy or not.