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    Cannabis (CBD) New cure for schizophrenia!

    CBD the other chemical component in cannabis/marijuana has been found to cure schizophrenia as affectively as other man made chemical drugs. Please google it because I cannot post a link on the device im currently on. The CBD also has little to no side effects than the other drugs currently...
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    Would you like Grand Theft Auto 6 on PS4 to be set in Australia?

    Ive been thinking about this for some time now. Australia is massive. Imagine next gen power and an Australian setting. Not the Australian outback but more the Australian city, coastal areas with beaches and wild life. Australias beautiful, with great lighting, big roads etc. Maybe GTA-Sydney or...
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    Do you think there will ever be a playstation 100?

    Its defintely decades and decades from now, maybe centuries, but do you think playstation will ever reach to PS100? When will we reach our limits of computer power and what kind of television/devices will we be using to play the PS100 on, when its released?
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    So are we paying for psn this time?

    I done a quick search but couldn't fine anything. I wouldn't mind paying a small fee for the service but not as much as xbox live, maybe half as much or less. My gut instinct says its going to be free though. Does anyone know? And yes I want free service but wouldn't mind cashing in to...
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    Heres how to considerably decrease screen tear and slow downs!

    this site is full of fanboys who never leave the computer to be honest. I simply post a suggestion to help people get a better experience, they dont even have to do it, it was an option. This site is s*** anyway, goodbye.
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    You know the buggy shadows? Well the shadows and aliasing improves 10 fold - NO JOKE!

    I cannot be bothered rewriting this so I have taken my posts from another thread. here they are.. I just double checked. The good news is the shadows impove. I done full laps on de la sarthe, tskuba and (my least favourite) cape ring. I raced with standard and premium cars. *The results...
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    "Dear Holy Lord why have you sent this game, I cannot sleep"

    Im not a religious nut, but now I believe theres a God. Just say amen if you agree. Im at level 11...its kept me up all night, I hope offline never ends. Online is fantastic! I dont care what anybody says, GT5 is 10/10.
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    Funny online race, minis cant make the hill lol

    Im pretty sure its online.
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    "Video Reviewer Says the A.I is Much Improved, And Is Lovin The Standard Cars"

    Well smilies all round for me. :D x100 Show your love for the standard's! 8) Edit- I know the video quality isnt very good and I think his colour is way too high on his tv lol, but he seems to be lovin it. He says the AI is improved as well. The...
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    OMG You gotta see this or your missing out, Im not kidding!

    OK watch this and I bet the first car you buy is a Lambo! HOLY F*** Bonus Lambo video
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    Gran Turismo 2 Intro (one of racers best intro?)
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    XX AWESOME GT5 Night Gameplay In Cockpit XX

    Cockpit is the true view (imo). To me chase cam is like 3rd person perspective in modern warfare games. Its fun but doesn't come anywhere near the true view of fps. Same goes for Gran Turismo and a lot of racing games. Imo you dont get the same experience from chase cam as you do using a cockpit...
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    New GT5 Pit Stop Gameplay Yes the guy cant drive lol, but it shows the pit crew at work. The quality of the video is, as always, crap. It will look better on my 1080p JVC 42inch. But anyway lol. :D
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    2 New Advert Videos
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    Rwj goes insane. Oh no?!
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    New GT5 Video (The Ring)
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    Cassetteboy vs Dragons' Den I was in stitches.
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    New Monza Rain gameplay.

    Not long now! (I hope) Terrible video quality though, wait till you see it in HD 1080p for yourself!
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    Dirty Eyepet

    Actually I removed the video just in case. It was funny though.