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    Is this laptop decent?

    Ok, Ive started uni, and I want a laptop. a guy at uni is selling one. Toshiba Satellite A215 - Dual Core, 4GB ram, 160gb hard drive, ATI x1200 graphics etc. for $650 NZD. (currency converter says its :: 460.98 USD) It's second hand, but the cheapest new laptops are around $1000 NZD I...
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    Tekken movie trailer.

    http:// it looks decently good. costumes seem spot on. as a tekken fan this is a must watch.
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    Real life Schafer

    Yeah, i was wiki-ing about shambala and stuff and look what i found His name is ernst Schafer. We was in the SS (nazi). and went on 3 expeditions to the Himalayas. found it amusing thought i should share.
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    Raonak's LBP Levels

    Raonak's Collection of Cool LittleBIGPlanet Levels He Made. Yeah. My levels. I'm advertising them. The levels, with a brief description, and pics or it didn't happen. they're not bad level. I don't have a level which is under 4 stars. I already have platinum, so I don't need hearts or plays...
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    innoyance with elimination mode.

    elimination is my favourite mode, but theres a problem thats really turning me off that mode. super weapons spawning at the start of each round. everybody runs for the hammer. whichever team gets the hammer... usually wins. cause they get 1-3 free kills with the hammer. its most apprent in...
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    remapping buttons on ps1 classics?

    mgs1 is finally out on the nz store, and im gonna buy it soon. but i remember the innoying controls (primarily the x=cancel, o= confirm thing on mgs1) i remember the psp allows you to remap all the buttons, but i dont remember being able to do that in ps3 has their been a change to that...
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    Weekly special offers in the ps store?

    it appears this only applies to the europe store. ive noticed theres been weekly speical offers in the ps store. usually having psp and ps1 games. i think this is sony's way of compensating for the fact people cant buy second hand i picked up echochrome for half price a week ago, and this week...
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    3 PSP Rewards games dont work on normal PSP

    Yeah title says it all. When i tried to download the 3 go reward to my Normal PSP it said "This title can only be downloaded on a PSP go" Their PSN icon is diffrent as well, it has a red border saying PSP go on it. Atleast the GT:PSP still works on normal PSPs
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    help with psp go rewards thing.

    ok... i went on my go and did the reward thing, i went on my 1000 and did the other reward thing, and put in umd and what-not now what?.... it says download the psp go theme... but i cannot find it or anything. help me whoever... ps. this is for europe only, im guessing. btw. the stores...
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    MSmicro + MSpro duo on normal psp

    i need a bigger memory stick for my psp1000 but im also planning to get a go down the line.. ive heard theres micro > pro duo adapters.. will they work on the normal psp, is there any downsides etc. rep+ for good answers.
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    Multiple PSPs one PSN and PSPgo GT

    I have a PSP-1000, and my brother wanted to get a PSP go. Is it possible to use 1 psn account for both PSP's. and will you be able to download PSN games to both. Im guessing yes. which is good, cause he'll have to put in half for games. ---- I was trying to convince him to get a psp-3000...
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    am i the only one who likes the sparkles?

    yeah... i keep on hearing how ppl hate the sparkles....i actually like them, the wave and sparkles look better than plain wave. yeah just wondering what the general concesus is.
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    HDTV Philips darkening problem.

    I have a Philips 42" 1080p HDTV Model # 42PFL7422 Anyways. theres this innoying problem, where if the scene is dark, it suddenly gets drastically darker. Its like, If im playing a game, and i go in the shadows, so theres not much light, The screen suddenly goes even darker. Like the backlight...
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    Need NZ/AUS friends.

    Yeah. I realised that out of about 30 ppl in my friends list, the most i see online in one time is 5. Probably because half my firends list is with ppl from US or UK. so they barely go on when i do. I play the following games regularly. Killzone2, Singstar, Resistance2, LBP, wipeoutHD...
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    bots 4 trophies

    i dont know if ppl know this or not. but i was playing with bots in the dlc maps, cause no one else was playin them. anyway. i realised that even though its unranked. you can still get the dlc map trophies. just set the bots on easy mode. like i suck as a sniper, but its so easy to get 5...
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    Shatter PSN Game (9.0 ign)

    Haven't seen anyone on the forums talk bout it. It looks good. It basically a brick breaking/arkanoid game, mixed with elements of geometry wars. theres also a push pull mechanism and other stuff. theres 10 distinct worlds, with 7 levels, theres also a boss at the end of each world, and a...
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    gamesharing on psp

    ok. i have a psp. and my bro wants to get a psp. can we use like 1 account to buy games and stuff. and play it on both psp's.
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    Will the PSP-4000(not go!) have MS2?

    Ok, i want a new PSP, but i want it to have a UMD drive. So i decided to wait till they release a PSP 4000.. cause i dont want to get a 3000 and find out 3 months later theyre releasing a 4000. Anyway!. I need a new memory Stick. FF7 has eaten a chunk of my memory. So i was thinking of...
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    rockband unplugged import DLC

    ok, i live in nz, and unplugged isnt even out here yet. and has no release date. im thinking of importing it cause i heard its not region locked. but the only thing holding me back is dlc. will dlc work for another region?
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    Uncharted: Drakes Fortune- part 3

    Part 3 of my uncharted levels is out. 'the drowned colony' it starts on chapter 8 and ends on chapter 12. search for Raonak. thanks :D