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    Name 5 video game companies that you think won't survive next gen and why

    Me first: Sega: Already going through a rough patch this gen/no successful new IPs/Yakuza only sells best in Japan Insomniac Games: No big titles/ lack of success with Ratchet and Resistance/ Eat Sleep Play: Needs a new, appealing game to survive Platinum Games: The Western consumer continues...
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    Am I the only one playing Malicious?

    Is anyone else finding the field stage and the library stage ( the fight against the Mad Queen ) insanely hard? The giant tank/robot thingy is a pain to beat after the second portion of the fight and the Queen just grabs me from the otherside of the stage and takes my character out in 10 seconds.
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    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale New Character Announcement Tease

    Paul Gale ( the guy who first leaked that Sony was developing its own SSB type fighter ) has inside information on the next set of characters to be announced at SDCC this weekend. He also dropped hints about Heihachi and Toro before their unveiling too. He posted teaser for the new...
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    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Evo 2012 Interview Panel Recap

    Aceun from Gamefaqs wrote up a decent recap of most of the information SuperBot shared about PSASBR during EVO last week. They explained what factors are involved when it comes to picking characters and other stuff.
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    PlayStationAll Stars would be an instant purchase for me if it looked similar to this While the concept is interesting the Super Smash look isn't appealing at all for the 3D fighter lover like myself. Who's with me?
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    GTTV teases huge exclusives on next episode [Update: It's A 'Huge' PS3 exclusive] God of War 4 anyone? [Update] Host G. Keighley is building the hype on twitter.
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    So which developer should Capcom outsource Onimusha to?

    With the announcement that the California based Spark Unlimited will be handling Lost Planet and we all know about Capcom's outsourcing strategy with other titles, who should they get to revive Onimusha?
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    Game Informer's next magazine cover is sure to incite rage

    ...if you're an old school gamer. That's what one of the editors of the mag stated on twitter, although he didn't use the word rage. Via: Gaf Top guesses: RE 6 by Spark or maybe FFXVersusXIII going multiplatform. What ever it is it has to concerning a franchise that has been around for a while.
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    And the PS3 VGA Exclusive is....

    The Last of Us. Teaser site is live now. Looks like another zombie game.
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    PS3 crashes during chapter 8

    So I finally got around to playing U3 today and everything was going smoothly until I got to Chapter 8 The Citadel. Every few minutes into the game the TV goes black because the red light on my 20gb PS3 starts flashing and beeps 3 times. This has happened three times already. I can eject the...
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    Did Sony shun Capcom in the Michael ad?

    No Devil May Cry characters, no Street Fighters, not even Megaman was featured in the ad. Those characters are iconic. I can't help wonder why none from Capcom's franchises had any cameos in the ad.
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    David Jaffe Responds To Eurogamer's U3 Score

    Jaffe ( Twisted Metal creator for those unaware ) blogged about the Eurogamer review score for Uncharted 3. It's a long read so I just posted a couple of paragraphs.
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    Can anyone here read Japanese?

    I really could use a translation of this article. Google translation is too spotty.
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    Your Tokyo Game Show Rating

    I must be getting old but I found this year's Tokyo Game Show to be one of the most dissappointing ever. If you're a handheld gamer then the Vita and 3DS announcements should satify you but as far as console games are concerened, there was really nothing new announced to get me excited. ( And...
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    FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII Now in 100% Development

    Via Best news coming out of Square Enix I've heard since January.
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    FFXIII-2's sales predictions

    What does everyone think? Can FFXIII-2 sell more, less or around the same as the first game? Going by FFX-2's performance, I'm thinking XIII-2 it will sell about have of FFXIII.
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    Has anyone here played Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll?

    It's a PS3 exclusive action rpg from Koei that kind of tanked in Japan and everywhere else, no doubt. I've always had my eye on it but I've never bought it. I'm thinking of picking it up to keep me busy until WKC II. Before I sink $30+ on it I'd like some impressions from someone who has played...
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    Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Included w/Tekken Hybrid

    Source: Kotaku GameStop has this listed for a November release and for $39. Going to pre-order a.s.a.p!
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    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 confirmed

    Capcom laughs all the way to the bank...again. From PSLS:
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    Kojima: "Do we really need to succeed worldwide?"

    Hideo Kojima shares his opinion on East vs West in the video game industry.