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    Best place to buy a new arcade stick?

    Hey i was thinking of buying an Hori Arcade Pro 3 Special Addition online but i'm not quite sure where the best place is. My friend suggested Play Asia but is there anywhere cheaper? P.S: I live in Australia
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    Chaff Grenades

    Hey does anyone know where to get chaff g's? +rep to first answer
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    Mgs4 Questions POSSIBLE SPOILERS

    Hey guys i was wondering if you could help me with my MGS4 problems 1. For the Assassins emblem what does it mean by cqc hold? 2. I just bought the Tanegashima and i can sometimes make it shoot a tornado then sometimes it doesn't. I know its a chance sorta thing but do i have to aim it in a...
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    Car Cannon Glitch

    I hope this hasn't been posted anywhere its a pretty cool glitch. Video to show what it does Where the glitch is I've tried it on the US version of GTA IV and it works im not sure about any other...
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    200 Pigeons

    Hey guys i'm wondering if anyone can help me. Ive killed all 200 pigeons and i can't find where the annihilator or whatever i get spawns.
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    Tekken 6 Death Combos not sure if they have been posted anywhere i did a search and couldnt find anything. Its just the the link to the guys youtube page and all the death combos.
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    My Dynasty Warriors 6 Review

    Here goes my review of dynasty warriors 6 hope you like it. Gameplay: Same old fun hack and slash mash a button or two to kick ass. It does get really boring and with the new introduction of the renbu system it makes it so u have to chain ur attacks together to do more combos 6/10 Story...
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    COD 4 Question

    Dunno its this is the right section but i was wondering before i purchase the game are there lots of Australian servers? because i hate having high ping on a american server or something.
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    My Conflict: Denied Ops Review

    Ok so here it goes, i went to borrow the game from blockbuster and it's gotta be the worst next gen game. Graphics: 1/10 i was gonna give it zero but oh well. The graphics are HORRIBLE. This game could run on a SNES i swear... Controls: 8/10 i don't really like the r2/l2 shooting scheme but...
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    Wii Question

    I was wondering if anyone could answer my question about the Wii. Is It Region Free so for instance i live in australia and i could buy a Wii and play games from Japan And Usa like the ps3?
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    Army of Two Australia Release Date?

    Well im having abit of a dilemma here. I checked IGN for Army of Two Release date for Australia and it said 23rd of March. So then i checked Gamespot for the release date and it said 13th of march. Then i checked Wikipedia and it said 9th of march . :confused: which ones right
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    Tekken 6 - Bonus Stage MASSIVE! Note - I'm not the one playing
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    Spoilers! Leaked ssbm roster

    Yea i read the other thread but im pretty sure this ones pretty real even tho its not confirmed They also have videos of other leaked stuff,
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    Tekken 6 item moves It's Asuka vs Paul but look at Paul's hair :-D and Asuka has some sort of nunchuck thing
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    Warhawk expansion question

    im just wondering how does the expansion pack thingy work with the disk version of warhawk i know u have to download it but then wat :confused:
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    Cod4 or Assasins Creed

    Ok im pretty clueless on what to get i didn't really like the Cod4 demo on pc the singleplayer thing. Assasins creed looks cool but i dunno. Which ones do u guys recommend
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    Transformer dvd

    well i was really bored so i watched the commentary on the transformers dvd and michael bay said his address is in the movie somewhere has anyone spotted it! :shock:
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    Sony drops 60gig ps3 in Australia;title;0 Well it sucks for Australia to only be getting the 40gig when 60gig stocks run out. But i guess us Aussies could our ps3's imported.