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    Japanese Human Slip 'N' Slide =o

    I really need to move... :eek: (fast forward to 1:30 for the action shots) YouTube - Japanese Slip 'N' Slide
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    Horrible traffic accident...

    -WARNING- This is a pretty brutal accident. Don't watch it if don't think you can't handle it. Can someone translate the second vid? A poster had this to say, but I cannot confirm it... YouTube - ÐÐ²Ð°Ñ€Ð¸Ñ Ð² ЧелÑбинÑке YouTube - !!! AVVVV Source
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    College Basketball - March Madness!

    So who you got going all the way? First day upsets? I haven't filled out my brackets yet. Was born in North Carolina, so Tar Heels baby, all the way!! Okay, maybe not this year... but I'm rooting for them! 8)
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    Woman Injured In Sex Toy Mishap

    -Warning- You may now want to read this if you get queezy over your own mental images. Good idea, bad execution. :eek:
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    Old Ads =o

    I just ran across these old ads from the 30's... there are millions of these funnies... post you favorites!
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    Did I get free bonus sp when I hit 2500 posts?

    I just bought that Uncharted 2 icon a day or 2 ago and I was broke after that, so I'm just curious how I got these points. I've checked my donation log, doesn't show that anyone gave them to me. Thanks! :)
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    Best 2 player games on PS3? (same console)

    My wife's son (15) just moved in with us and I'm trying to show him who is man round house! 8) I need to put some pwnage on his ***, but problem is I've realized all my games are basically single player or multi-player online only. I've tried searching here and google and I'm just annoyed...
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    They clutter the forums when left unchecked. Here are 2 that I believe should be unstickied. Official PS3 Forums Monthly Gaming Purchases (September) This sticky never had a right to be stickied. Okay, maybe it was a good idea in the the time, but 3 months, 56 posts, and a month since the...
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    John Witherspoon On Steroids In Sports [Hilarious!]

    *EXPLICIT LANGUAGE WARNING* ;) YouTube - Dear John Witherspoon: "Steroids"
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    'Whizzinator' makers to plead guilty

    This is terrible news... Dirty_Waters says: My 4 year-old uses it as a water gun. Again, the innocent are being punished because of a few bad apples. Why... :no Support the whizzinator! :neutral:
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    10-year-old boy was driving up to 90 mph... (that's not the bad part)

    I've found the parents of the year... Source
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    In your face!

    Airbag vs. Refrigerator First an airbag from a Saturn, then a big airbag from a Ford Crown Victoria... I guess it beats eating the steering wheel and dash! :shock:
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    Death By Caffeine @}-'---

    How many licks does... uh, I mean how much caffeine does it take to send you heart into an irreversible redline? Find out here!