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  1. Fijiandoce

    Eldest Souls - 'At the Door of Death' Trailer

    Zenimax incoming in 3, 2, 1...
  2. Fijiandoce

    Tom Clancy's XDefiant - Official Announcement Trailer

    It kinda sucks that when you're dead, your name can kinda be dragged through the mud like this. This basically has no hallmarks of a Tom Clancy 'story'... It's just a cod clone. We're starting to walk back to that era where F2P kinda meant you avoided with a very, very long pole. This looks so...
  3. Fijiandoce

    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Yeah, i remember when it came out people got really hyperbolic about Metro's rendition of an 'open world', but i'd share the same sentiment that it's still kinda linear-esque. But the in-game tooling added to it quite a bit - i always found i was short on those chemical (if that's the correct...
  4. Fijiandoce

    Windows 365 - Your desktop in the cloud

    First things first, that video is slick! Like, real damn slick! :love: I really get this from an organisation perspective. Our University had a metric buttload of PC's on campus. How much of a QoL improvement would this be for the IT dept.? Not having to worry about security bullshit from one...
  5. Fijiandoce

    [OT] Warframe

    30 minute game-play segment: IF the official one is age-gated: It's an interesting spin they've taken with the gameplay direction. At this point, some 8 years after launch, players are essentially walking gods. So kinda curious that the Warframes didn't feature in the demo, which is kinda...
  6. Fijiandoce

    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    So, didn't actually get in any gaming time this weekend either lol except for a BPM run which i'm now getting pretty good at! Figured i'd try playing with the biscuit character since i've kinda gotten the hang of it and kinda regretted that. Hubris at its finest i guess lol! How'd you find...
  7. Fijiandoce

    Let’s Get These Forums Started (Again)

    Ah, that might explain it. As said on the other page, i run a network ad-block so all the elements probably fail to resolve. EDIT: Yup, just checked, elements fail on mine which is why it looks a little different i guess:
  8. Fijiandoce

    Company of Heroes 3 - Announcement & Gameplay Trailer

    Played the first, skipped the second. Never liked the way the AI operated. I like me some strategy games, so hopefully they expand on the title, and fix the AI as well. There were some snippets that looked interesting during the gameplay trailers, but otherwise, it kinda looked like the same...
  9. Fijiandoce

    Steam Deck is Valve’s Switch-like portable PC, starting at $399 this December

    My issue with this is that it's not really console-like to warrant the specs. Consoles can get away with the specs they ship because they never change. This essentially sits alongside a PC, which means it gets all the love of a PC title in optimizing for hardware (which is to say, very little)...
  10. Fijiandoce

    Warframe - Cross Play, Cross Save and Mobile port reveal

    Skip to 16:00 for the demo: Maybe just give the whole thing a watch. The devs themselves can be pretty entertaining, particularly when they make fun of their own game. But not gunna lie, when i played this a bunch years ago i always thought it needed cross-play. Because why not? It's a squad...
  11. Fijiandoce

    Let’s Get These Forums Started (Again)

    @NoUseMercenary i see the forums got a bit of a face-lift. Thanks to those that made it happen! I'm not any kind of UI artiste, but it looks a whole lot better now! Just wanted to add to my note on the borked styling since i honestly don't know if others see it this way, or if it's just me: But...
  12. Fijiandoce

    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Got that win on hard! Lucked in quite a bit on the "second" set of levels and kinda cake walked the rest of it. BPM comes out on consoles this year apparently. Can't recommend it enough! Game is fun! Floaty eyeball shooty thing can still die in a fire tho. It takes a while to get your feet...
  13. Fijiandoce

    Let’s Get These Forums Started (Again)

    A couple other things: CM kinda needs to liaise with staff on what they're doing, what content can be brought to the forums (main site content shouldn't be spammed in forums), and additionally what the topic of the day is on the forums. For example; when Clank hit, would have been a good time...
  14. Fijiandoce

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Novo Amor: Anchor
  15. Fijiandoce

    Let’s Get These Forums Started (Again)

    PSU (or more accurately the community members) has tried to bridge the gap many times before, and has had a modicum of success every time they have. It's just never supported. @Agriel had youtube content that was pretty decent. Alex (@Ghost) arguably resulted in PSU's biggest influx spike in...
  16. Fijiandoce

    Amazon open-sources its in-house game engine

    kinda wondering what licence they're gunna attach to this. You would assume if they stuck the MIT licence on it all their crap would get dumped almost instantly with a new fork of the project. I'd also typically attribute open source code to being stable, more than helping you be faster tbh...
  17. Fijiandoce

    [OT] What Games Are You Playing This Weekend?

    Picked up BPM during the steam sale. Got to grips with it over the weekend. Got my way through the easy mode. Gunna go again for the Hard next week i think. Such an addictive game tho. Definitely one of those titles where you go for 10mins more, then you end up in trouble cause it's a handful of...
  18. Fijiandoce

    Rate The Last Movie You've Seen

    The Tomorrow War - 4/10 First 2/3 of the movie is your average 8/10 action flick. Budget (or lack of) shows in spots. Set up exists to move you from place to place. Action scenes are action-y. But in the last 1/3 the movie goes into free fall. Common sense seemingly vanishes, the plot becomes...
  19. Fijiandoce

    The Witcher: Monster Slayer - Official Release Date Teaser

    A lot of pokemon clones coming up. Pokemon however had a charm and broad appeal. I feel i went into the bestiary in TW3 more than a normal player, and even so, im not too keen to go out and partake the same way i did for pokemon. Maybe it'll find its following? But imho it seems very niche.