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  1. Omar

    Prove that Mindy Kaling is not a Neanderthal.

    "New research shows that Neanderthals and modern humans may have interbred..." "The new research suggests that the meeting of the two species occurred far earlier than when humans left Africa in the migration that resulted in humans...
  2. Omar

    I need to talk about The Order: 1886

    A little bit of background on how I came about this game. I've known about it since it was revealed but SP games aren't usually my cup of tea. It has to be something special. Well, this game definitely looked special so I figured, I'd probably check it out. Then I heard it wasn't all that good...
  3. Omar

    This is arguably the best feature on the Xbox One

    Before I begin, I want to say that I would definitely have a lot more respect for the Xbox Division if they went solo and not related to MS anymore, personal reasons. I can't support a vicious company like MS, this goes for google and facebook as well. Now I criticize Sony as well but so far...
  4. Omar

    Payday 2 does heists better than GTA 5

    Again, I'm playing a game where I can't help but compare it to GTA 5. Why? Because I can. But honestly, GTA 5 should not get a pass just because it's an open world game. We don't own 6th generation consoles anymore. GTA has improved in a lot of ways since GTA 3 but it hasn't improved in...
  5. Omar

    It's hilarious that KZ: Mercenary is the best GG game I've ever played

    It may also be one of the best games I had ever played on a handheld. It's nothing special but just unlocking stuff and getting experience points while playing reminds me of MGS however it's not as complicated as MGS, which makes it less annoying and it can actually be pretty strategic (reminds...
  6. Omar

    Dust 514 shutting down May 30 :lol: where is Ghost?[/FONT][/COLOR]
  7. Omar

    Judging Sleeping Dogs against GTA 5

    I just got this game on sale for $10. I figured, why not. I've been skeptical of this title for a long while but I had to get a taste of it at $10! Before I start, I wanna say that SE has done a horrible job marketing this game because honestly even after playing the demo on the PS3 back in...
  8. Omar

    PS4 is the best console ever created

    There is no competition when it comes to the social features of this console. My only gripe at this point is that they can make things smoother, less clicks/buttons, more accessible, but not expecting it. Otherwise, this is quite possibly the most intuitive console I've ever played. This beats...
  9. Omar

    Oregon Militia Spokesman Killed

    [h=1] [/FONT] [/FONT][/COLOR] This was a lynch.
  10. Omar

    Did y'all know that you can play the Vita with the DS4?

    Yup there's a way to do it but there's a catch: you can't do this remotely and you can only do this with PS4 games on your Vita, not Vita games. What you need to do is make a separate account on your PS4 unless you already have one. We'll call this extra account a decoy account, this is not...
  11. Omar

    Buy Far Cry 4 right now! $15!

    Well done Ubisoft. I knew you could do a decent job someday. They completely fixed (almost) all the issues I had with the game. It runs smooth now and the controls have no input lag (other than input lag from 30fps). Controls are actually smoother than Fallout 4 but that's not saying much. I'd...
  12. Omar

    Does this mean we're getting a proper AAA game for PS Plus Jan 2016?

    forums won't let me link this but you can find this article everywhere. taken from someone mentioned in the comments that they're doing this to squeeze out as much sales as possible for games they might announce to be free next week. I wonder if, considering it's a...
  13. Omar

    Wow World of Final Fantasy footage! SE making all the rights moves, pushing all the right buttons. Now I want more details, would be awesome if this is online but not paid. Single player only would also be pretty cool but I want online!
  14. Omar

    What is racism?

    So let's get this straight once and for all. Racism has plagued humanity for centuries (probably as long as we've been in existence) but I feel like sometimes we call things racism that aren't racism but something else. Let's learn what is racism and what isn't and what is the correct term for...
  15. Omar

    Should homosexuality be encouraged?

    Now I'm pretty open about subjects and my basic stance on most things is that let be, let live. I don't personally have an issue with homosexuality and any of these sort of acts but I can't help but feel a bit odd when I'm exposed to these acts. This goes for drag as well. I mean, it's fine for...
  16. Omar

    Project Cars: What GT should've always been

    WARNING: THIS IS A CASUAL REVIEW, DO NOT EXPECT DEPTH. I gotta say man, wow...this game is totally badass. Unfortunately, most people will miss the point of this game and thus why it hasn't sold well and is basically a niche. It is everything, ALMOST everything I've always wanted a racing game...
  17. Omar

    A question for anti-gun folks

    Could someone point me to a mass shooting by a criminal where everyone or at least majority were participating in open/concealed carry? If anyone can bring up an example, that'd be great but in the meanwhile my point is that we should be encouraging people to own a weapon rather than...
  18. Omar

    Konami bans Kojima from VGAs lol
  19. Omar

    "Finish your PS3 game collection and talk about it!" challenge!

    *Ok had to remake this thread because I had to remake the poll. This time it's public so whoever decides to join in, I'll know. Original post: Pretty dumb thread :lol: but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one here that needs to finish their PS3 game collection. I'm moving my PS3 right next...
  20. Omar

    UPDATE: Driveclub is a great game!

    DC is not a bad game but lol you knew it was coming. but i do have some problems with it. keep in mind, my experience is from the PS+ version and i'm a casual fan of racing games. my first problem is that after playing GT games, i definitely feel like 30fps affects my handling, i'm worse in...